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Character Quotes from A Little White Lie by Dellani

white lie coverA Little White Lie is one of nine short stories and novellas, in Lone Wolf Tales.

“Not that one. Pick any of the others.” Penny handed the list back to Wil, pushing the hand held computer into his chest.


She had turned away, walking toward the door. Stopping, she turned her head, glancing over her shoulder. “Bad karma,” and said nothing more. Squaring her shoulders, she huffed out of the room, back to whatever she had been doing.

Ben pretended to be terribly busy with something else and said nothing. Wil was confused. Blinking rapidly, a slight flush rose in his cheeks. He walked to the nearest computer console and called up files on “Emory, R.A.” What he saw made him less happy than before.

“Look at this guy! Every mission he’s been on in the last five years has ended in disaster.”

Ben leaned over Wil’s shoulder, reading the information on the screen. “Last man standing every time? Only one left of ten, last of fifteen…. This sounds suspicious, Wil. Each was a team like ours, super soldiers. Isn’t that what the brass call us?”

“I have a bad feeling about this guy, Ben. But you know, I think his luck has run out. I want him on my team.”

“Are you crazy? We could all end up like those others with him last man standing again!”

Wil’s face went blank. “I’ll put him against me any day and bet heavily on myself. If he’s taking out our kind, he’s a traitor, just like Lill.”

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Character Quotes from Full Measure by Dellani

character-quotes-imageThe blonde came back out of the bathroom, weaving even more than when she’d gone in. She bumped into the broad shouldered, leather clad form. Apologizing, she patted his chest to assure him they were both all right and wandered back to her seat. Dark, predatory eyes watched hungrily. Shoulder length black, curly hair hung in his face, partially concealing lean, almost wolf-like features. She was beautiful and she smelled amazing—like spice—and lust. No, dammit, that was his lust he smelled. She smelled like something he couldn’t name. Something that drew him like iron to a magnet.

“Told you,” Stan said quietly.

“I told you to shut it,” the dark haired man grumbled. “I’d better go before they see me.”



“If you don’t want her, can I have her?” Stan asked as the man laid money on the bar.

“Bugger off,” he growled as he left through the back door.

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Character Quotes from Honeymoon by Dellani

character-quotes-imageBabe, you’re going strapped to dinner?” Jasper asked.

Yes, of course,” Nadeya replied, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Well, don’t rack it, okay? I don’t want to shoot myself in the dick when I feel you up.”

Giggling, Nadeya made sure the safety was on and didn’t chamber the first round. “You?”

Sighing resignedly, Jasper put his sidearm on his hip, pulling his shirt over it.

Got your license with you?” he asked unnecessarily.


I’m a cop. I have to ask.”

She flipped open her wallet. “Happy?”

I’ll be happier in bed with carryout.”

I want a meal we don’t have to eat out of a box.”

Okay, as my lady wife wishes.”

They exchanged a kiss. “But dessert is to go and I get to eat it off you.”


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Character Quotes from Rebound by Dellani

character-quotes-imageWe each took another step closer. Her arms snaked around my waist. My lips brushed hers—once, twice—before I kissed her. It wasn’t a deep, passionate kiss, but a gentle one to show her how much I cared. Maris shivered as we kissed. She pulled suddenly away, burying her face in my shirt and burst into tears.

What did I do wrong? Shit!

I held her, stroking her hair, talking quietly to her. I wanted to ask what I’d done, but I didn’t know how. She stopped crying, hugging me tightly.

“No one ever kissed me like that. It was so sweet!” She raised her chin, smiling up at me. “You’re so sweet.”

“No guy likes to be told he’s sweet, Maris.”

She frowned slightly, pouting. “Why not? Sweet is a good thing.”

“We want to be hot and desirable and manly,” I said in a silly, deep voice.

“But you’re all that too,” she replied.

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Character Quotes from When Tis Done by Dellani

When Tis Done coverLucy came forward shyly. He went down on one knee to be on her level. She handed him a drawing of two men standing together, a huge fish hanging between them.

“This is you and Daddy fishing,” she said with a gap toothed grin. “I copied the picture on Mamaw’s dresser.”

“Yes, I remember this day. We went to the river and caught that granddaddy catfish. He was some good eating, wasn’t, he Dora?”

“Yes, the way Mama fixed it. Me, I’d have burnt it to a crisp.”

“Thanks, Peanut. This is great!”

“I’m Lucy, not Peanut!”

“Oh, sorry Lima Bean!”

She stamped her foot, pretending to pout, but the giggle escaped her. “You’re silly, Uncle Neil.”

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Character Quotes from Beach Babe by Dellani

character-quotes-imageAre you always this grumpy when you wake up?” Dechlan asked.

I don’t know. I leave myself alone in the mornings. I am not an accurate barometer of my moods.”

He kissed me lingeringly, rubbing his lips over mine when he’d finished. “I guarantee, when you wake up with me, I’ll put a smile on your face.”

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Among the Shine Clan, Dellani Oakes

Among the Shine Clan – Part 11 by Dellani

among-the-shine-clan-coverFiddlestix and Deacon have finally calmed down enough to talk professionally about their mutual problem with the cyber warriors. She asks him if they are under surveillance and he assures her, they are. They’re sitting quietly, with a blue light flashing on their necks.

“Oh, shit. Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“Why, Hannah, what’s wrong?”

“They’re recharging, getting new orders. It’s a satellite uplink straight from the commander’s office. Take me there now.”

“Hannah, I….”

“Now, Deacon. I’m not kidding!” She rose, marching for the door.

He followed her, his long legs eating up the distance between them. Suddenly all business again, he said, “Follow me.”

“My man, Kazinski. We’ll need him.”

Deacon spoke into his communication set. “Deacon to Jasper. Find the man Kazinski. We need him. Hannah and I are on our way to the north gate. Meet us there.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jasper wasted no time explaining that Kaz wasn’t going to be happy being interrupted when he was in Betsy’s company. He knew Deacon wouldn’t care. They’d both been interrupted often enough when an emergency came up.

Deacon led Fiddlestix to a vehicle depot. Vaulting into a Jeep, he rammed it into gear and took off at top speed. He drove quickly to the north gate. Jasper, Kaz and Harmony pulled up only minutes behind them. To men in their position, uninterrupted sex was a luxury. Deacon dashed over to a small alcove off the main hallway. Inside there was a sophisticated surveillance set up. Striding to the screen, he zoomed in on the cyber soldiers. Something weird caught Fiddlestix’ eye as she watched the screen.

“It’s a loop,” she gasped. “They’ve circumvented your security system. They could be anywhere!” Knocking Deacon aside with her hip, she tapped some commands into the computer. The loop ended and they saw the hallway was empty.

“Damnation!” Deacon bellowed. “Find them.” He told his men. “Find them now.”

Jasper brought Kaz up moments later. Wasting no time, Fiddlestix held out her hand to him.


“I’ll find ’em for you, Master Sergeant.” He plugged into the console quickly.

Under Kaz’s magic touch, red blips appeared on his screen. The life signs of the cybered men appeared. Breathing slowly, trying to keep calm, Kaz held the scanner for her to see.

Fiddlestix went pale. Some of the men were coming down the branching hallways, not more than half a mile from their location.

Deacon blanched. “What now, Hannah-Belle?”

“Now we gear up and fight, Deacon.” Using hand signals, she directed her men to follow her.

Deacon removed the cyber damper from her arm and handed them weapons. He and his men armed themselves and followed. Fortunately, the Shine Clan used a system of signals close to their own. They were able to communicate without speaking. As they moved forward, Fiddlestix told Kaz to key in the fail safe codes for the warriors. He knew to initiate the codes when each soldier came in range. Fiddlestix hoped to take out Pete Livingston. He would be well guarded. The cyber teams took preservation of their handler very seriously.

Unwilling to let them come to her, Fiddlestix made her way down the corridor, seeking the nearest warrior. By the scanner, he looked to be in a side room. What the room was or why he was there, she didn’t know. Turning off her communicator, she indicated Deacon should do the same.

“What’s in that room?” She pointed to Kaz’ scanner.

Deacon sighed heavily. “It’s a computer sub station. From there they can tap into anything they want. Life support runs through there, power, water, blast doors. Everything.”

“Why was it left unguarded?”

“It wasn’t.” Deacon looked sad. “It was well protected.”

“We cry later,” she whispered, taking his hand firmly.

His eyes met hers with a grim determination. His mouth was set in a defiant line as he nodded. Together, they went quietly to the sub station room. Dead and dying littered the hall. Forcing himself not to look at them, Deacon led her to the doorway.

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Character Quotes from Deserted by Dellani

character-quotes-image“I’m terribly sorry to bother you, Mr. Beard, but that woman is here.”

The way she said that woman made him instantly aware of who she was referring to.

“Get Mr. Sebring again, immediately. Use my phone. Tell him Marv said get his ass here pronto. Use those exact words.”

She shut the door behind her, went to his desk and made the call. She said exactly what he told her to, hung up with a click and turned to him, a look of grim determination on her pretty, pixie like face.

“How shall I stall her, Mr. Beard?”

He grinned his relief. Here was a woman who understood him and wasn’t afraid to take charge. She had more grit than he’d thought this morning when he met her.

“What do you suggest?” He waited with a patient smile.

“I’ll tell her you’re on the phone with a very important person and can’t be disturbed at the moment. I’ll get her coffee laced with strychnine and make her sit on her bony ass until Mr. Sebring arrives.”

Marv suppressed a loud laugh, snorting instead, as he turned somewhat red in the face. “Leave out the strychnine and you’ve got the right idea. Tell me your name again. For some reason it escapes me.”

Her smirk was full of suppressed glee. “Shelly. If I’d been dealing with Lucretia Borgia, I’d forget me too. Okay, coffee, hold the poison. Got it.”

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Character Quotes from Lone Wolf by Dellani

LONE WOLF“Drew, I need to have you lock the miners down to travel. Start the prelims on cryo,” Marc ordered.

“How soon are we leaving?”

“As soon as we can get shipshape.”

Matisse saluted sharply. “We’ll be ready, sir.” Grinning, he turned to leave. “Wish me luck with a new miner. Tall, redhead, green eyes, great body….”

“Since when do you need just luck, Drew? You need a damn miracle!”

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Character Quotes from Fly by Night by Dellani

character-quotes-imageHalf an hour later, prescriptions in hand, she waited for the release papers. Elam came by a few times with other people in wheelchairs. She was signing her papers when he stopped once more.

“I’m on break.” He squatted by the chair, gazing up at her. His eyes were a vivid azure, like the waters of the Caribbean. “Sorry if I got you in trouble with your brother.”

“He’ll survive. It’s not the first time he’s gotten upset with me. Won’t be the last.”

“Family,” he said with a sigh. “My brothers and I communicate with Morse Code, by way of punches. So I get it.”

Blythe giggled. “Jason would never hit me. I imagine he’s wanted to once or twice.”

“Don’t lose my number.”

“I won’t. Aren’t you supposed to be on break?”

“I am. But I’m here to take you to the car. Your brother is pulling it around right now. He might hit me with it….”

“He might. But hey, you’re in the right place.”

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