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Character Quotes from Next Go Round by Dellani

character-quotes-imageTurning, I was gazing into the amazingly blue eyes of Caden.

His dark hair was slicked back and he had changed into khaki shorts, white T-shirt and wild colored Hawaiian print shirt. He looked like a tourist. I couldn’t help but grin.

“You’re going for the I’m From Out of Town Look, huh?”

“Too much? I can change.” He held the shirt tail from him with pinky fingers extended.

“You look great. You don’t have to change.”

Spence trotted into the living room wearing the identical Hawaiian shirt. Caden looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“Now I have to change. I can’t be seen in the same shirt as Spence. Everyone will think we’re from the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Players Orchestra.”

“We did steal their shirts,” Spence teased. “Actually, I had no idea he had the same shirt. My mum gave me this before we left.”

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Amanda Thrasher is a Busy Lady!

linkedamanda-1024x812Amanda Thrasher is a busy lady! Author, publisher, mom and daughter, she’s got a lot on her plate. That being the case, I decided to share a link to one of my radio broadcasts with you, from April 26, 2017. The other amazing guests are Darrell Bartell, Matthew Gene and William Speir. As always, we had a lot of fun and laughs. Enjoy!

Today, Dellani and Christina welcome guests from Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. First up, author/ publisher Amanda Thrasher, whose books for children and young adults both amuse and inspire her readers. She is the author of such works as The Greenlee Project, Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch and Bitter Betrayal.

Other guests are:

Darrell Bartell author of Barry and the Vampire in the Rosedale Encounter and Ten-Five: You’re Going Home, Marine!

Matthew Gene author of Hope and Terminus X.

William Speir author of King’s Ransom; Arthur, King; Legacy of the Grand Master and many more.

Join the fun while we chat about books, writing and publishing the Rising Phoenix way!

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Character Quotes from Reaching for the Moon by Dellani

character-quotes-image“Good eye. It’s an R8 Spyder. Call me a snob, it’s the only kind of car I’ll drive.”

“Why?” Amanda thought of her crummy little compact Korean car and felt mildly put out with him.

“I like how it looks. I like how it handles. And—I can afford it.” He smirked, dodging around another car as they headed out of town.

“Compensating?” She immediately regretted the remark. It was the kind of thing she would say to her brothers and cousins. “Sorry. Sometimes that stop filter doesn’t work.”

Instead of being offended, Trent laughed. “Never for a moment,” he replied with a cocky grin. “If I were, wouldn’t I drive something—bigger?”

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Character Quotes from 99 Problems by Dellani

character-quotes-imageWood grinned, winking at me. “Cool.” He glanced over at his uncle. “Can I help with anything?”

“Yes, entertain my guest. I need to get the water bottle.” Carl trotted up the steps, letting the screen door drop behind him.

“Subtle,” Wood said, watching his uncle’s retreating back. “Since he’s already got one.” He pointed to the clear plastic spray bottle sitting by the grill.

Another giggle escaped me. I couldn’t seem to stop myself. “Yes, that’s a word with which I always describe Carl. He’s a great guy, so subtle.”

“There are worse things to be called. Boring. Deformed. Addled. The list is endless.”

“You’ll be glad to know that you aren’t any of those things.” I blushed, dropping my head to my chest. I wanted to crawl under the picnic table and quietly hide until he left.

Wood chuckled. “Thanks. You’re pretty well formed. You don’t seem to be boring. Now addled….”

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Character Quotes from Law of Love by Dellani

character-quotes-imageStan hesitated at the door. “Forgive the blunt question, but you aren’t vegan or anything, are you?”

“Ugh, no! I decidedly eat meat.”

Stan’s ears reddened and he tried not to laugh. It took Ostia a second to realize what she’d said. Blushing, she walked out the door. Stan followed, holding it for her.

“Sounded different in my head,” she said, pointing to her forehead.

“No explanation necessary. I was just enjoying the implications of that remark.” He dodged when she took a playful swing at him. “I’m a guy! Sue me. Maybe I shouldn’t say that too loudly around here.” He winked. “I’ll pick you up at six thirty.”

“You don’t know where I live.”

“Which is why you’re going to give me your address and phone number before I go.”

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Character Quotes from Full Measure by Dellani

Full Measure cover small“No! No, nothing like that. I promise. He’s in town for awhile. You’re new. I thought maybe you’d hit it off. I really wasn’t trying my ninja tactics. Yes, I’ve done that before. I admit. But not this time. Ralan obviously thought that or he’d be here by now.”

“I’ll be here for awhile,” Daphne assured her friend. “Plenty of time to set us—introduce us. Meanwhile, I need to pee.” She got up rather unsteadily and walked to the restroom on the other side of the bar.

She didn’t notice the tall, lean muscled man at the end of the bar. He hunched over, nursing a long neck pretending she didn’t exist as she wobbled past. He merely raised an eyebrow, turning his head slightly as she walked into the bathroom, hunkering lower, trying to hide himself in the shorter crowd.

“They’re not looking,” Stan murmured as he wiped the bar near the dark haired man.

“Shh, don’t talk to me or they’ll see me.”



“Never met a man so damn scared of his little sister.” Shrugging, Stan walked away to get him another beer.

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Putting a book cover together by JD Holiday

To put a book cover together you need to make a template or get one from your

print company. This is a mock-up of the one I got from my printer. The cover must extend to the

outer lines of the template in order for the book to have the trim line which gives the book its

nice neat final look. In other words, the whole area of the template must have the book’s cover color in it, back and front. The area right inside the outer line is called the Bleed area which is cut off at the second line in on the template all the way around the bookcover. That will be the actual book size when it is done.

The front of the book is on your right hand side and the back cover is on the left side.

The spine is the middle area between the back and front covers. The spine size is based on the number of pages and the paper size of the book and that is calulated by the printer.

The red lines (a 1/2 inch from the trim line) on both the covers is the area you must keep all text and graphics in.



Next I painted the front cover and top part of the back cover in Corel Painter Essentials

Then I brought the cover into Indesign CS 3 to work.


I used Indesign CS 3 to create my book and cover, though I do most of the artwork in art/graphic software.

This is a example of a text frame which using the Text Tool you put in the template and do your typing.

You use the Selection Tool to resize the Text frame when needed by grabbing any of the small squares around the frame and dragging it. You can also copy and paste your text from your word processor into the text frames.

For graphics you would go to File> Place find your picture on your computer (tif) and click Open.

The Selection Tool in Indesign will become loaded and you just click the place in your template or frame that you want the picture or graphic to go.

I rotated the cover to the left and typed in the spine text.

Adding all the items needed  I created the book’s cover!

JD Holiday

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So New, It Doesn’t Even Have a Title

A work in progress:

The juice box was definitely against me. Its resistance was punctuated by a taunting titter.  My efforts to open it were futile, it mocked.


WIP copyNo, wait. The snickering was not the juice box. It came from down the lunch table.  I didn’t even have to look their way. I knew who was laughing, and I didn’t want to see if it was me they were laughing at.  In my heart, I knew it was.


I continued to stab at the little cellophane covered hole with the sadly beveled end of the hard plastic straw like Van Helsing at the climax of a bad B movie. The final strike bent my straw, but rewarded me with a squirt of lukewarm apple juice in the face. An arterial explosion worthy of the best special effects artist in the business.


The laughter from the perfectly coifed girls at the other end of the table could not be ignored this time.  My life was not a bad horror movie; it was a comedy and I was the hapless victim of a situational shtick.


Staring down at the lunch tray, I watched the juice drown my stale, rectangular pizza slice.  At least, I wasn’t hungry anymore anyway.  My appetite was ruined by the whispered jokes about me destroying the little paper box with my brute strength.


I closed my eyes and swore that if I heard one more comment from those four makeup-slathered, social media celeb wannabes about me being a “she-male”, I’d flip this table on their heads.


Not that I hold any direct animosity for She-males, or what have you, but I do resent lies being spread about me.  And, I resent those who start the lies.  Namely, Brittany.  My mom says I spend way too much time worrying about Brittany, her crew, and what they think or say about me.


Mom says it doesn’t matter what others think, only what I know about myself.  Yeah, she’s full of inspirational poster stuff like that.


Sorry, Mom.  But, it’s hard not to see myself reflected in the eyes and jeers of my fellow students.  My peers.  What a joke.  I have so very little in common with them that I hesitate to call them peers of any sort.  Alas, for the next year or so, I must.


Of course, using the word ‘alas’ in casual conversation is one of the things these girls would tease me about.  Can I help it if my grandfather read Shakespeare to me for the last fifteen years of his life?


The siren-like bell blared from the hall to announce the next class would begin in five.  I gathered my sloshing tray and stood, never glancing at Brittany once.  Fifth period was next.  Gym class, right after lunch.  Brilliant scheduling.


When was this nightmare going to end?


I woke up the other day recounting my dream several times as I did to try and remember it. The sights, the feelings, the familiar trappings of high school. I often dream that I’m back in school, but never had I wanted to write them into a story. This one was fun.  Well, to me, running for my life and fighting creatures while possessing an unnatural strength in a dream is fun.  Others may call it a nightmare.  Either way, it spawned this new character. This is a little beginning snippet from what I will call my first Urban Paranormal Young Adult story.

It is such an infant at the moment that it has no name.  Heck, I just came up with the protagonist’s name this morning.  I hope you enjoy!


Review of Dead Men Don’t Swing by Karen Vaughan


Dead Men Don't SwingLaura Fitz is at it again! Cookie the Corpse Magnet can’t seem to stop this propensity for finding dead bodies. The fact that she finds this one is lying in the dumpster, isn’t really her fault. She’s doing an assignment for her crime scene investigations class, when she comes across the body of Dennis, a resident in the apartment building. Once again, Laura becomes embroiled in an investigation that brings her to the brink of disaster. Her long suffering hunk of a husband, Gerry, can’t keep up—poor guy!

Karen Vaughan’s cozy mystery, Dead Men Don’t Swing, is a wonderfully entertaining read. Her characters are funny, quirky and full of life. Her stories are top notch and full of sarcastic humor.

Vaughan has delivered another villain to loathe in the person of Missy Sawyer. Fortunately for Laura, Missy is more cocky than capable. I love following the antics of Laura and Gerry Fitz, along with friendly police detective, Gibbons.

Dead Men Don’t Swing is a wonderfully light look at crime. Fun for everyone!

5 Golden Acorns

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