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25 Random Facts About Me, J.D. Holiday

25 Random Facts About Me, J.D. Holiday

1) I can tune pianos by ear.

2) Yet, I don’t think I play the piano very well.

3) I had a couple of reading shows for kids on Blog Talk Radio where authors came on and read their stories.

4) My IQ is 138. 😎💪

5) I wrote the music for two fo my book trailers.

6) I’ve written about 15 books. Only 5 are in print. The rest are in various stages.

7) I’m still confounded about how to sell books.

Met my husband on a blind date on Halloween with I was 15 and he was 16.

9) I’ve now lived longer than both my parents.

10) I can trace my family back to 1792 in Paterson, New Jersey.

11) After years of submitting manuscripts to the big publishers and waiting for the rejection letter, I self-published my books.

 12) I can’t write without thinking of a place I’ve been or feels I’ve felt, and my characters can’t escape them either.

 13) My younger, yet bigger brother, had a dog named Sidney Reilly who was named after a WWI spy, and a PBS drama in the 80s we watched together. When my brother died, Sidney became my dog and Sidney’s story is in my children’s book, The Spy Game.

 14) I co-wrote Janoose and The Fall Feather Fair with my grandson, Luke when he was 6

years old. Luke is now 11.

15) I’m running out of things to add to this list.

16) It takes me about 2 years to written and illustrate a picture book.

17) I fell and broke my ankle in 2010 playing hid and seek with my grandson.

(told you I was running out of things to say)

18) Tried twice to write with another author. Not pretty!

19) Can’t find anything to talk about with some of my relatives.

20) I’m 85% Irish and 10% British and the rest a mix or traces from Italy, Greece, Asia Central (Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan,) Melanesia, Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and Scandinavia.

21) I don’t like cooking but make great home-made cookies, cakes and pies.

22) I do cook about 30 things that are good. Well, I think so.

23) I know just enough html codes to get me in trouble.

24) Was the middle child.

25) Have one daughter. Wish I have more kids.


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THE BOOK REPORT: A Mystery Series I Love.

I read five books in the Book Collector Mystery cozy mystery series why the mother and daughter author team, (Victoria Maffini and Mary Jane Maffini) Victoria Abbott.

This series is a fun read.  The authors cleverly use the book trade, in particular, collecting of first editions of mystery authors Agatha Christies, Lord Peter Wimsey,  Nero Wolf, Dashiell Hammett, and Ngaio Marsh as well as Jordan’s boss is the curmudgeonly impoverished heiress, Vera Van Alst and her crumbling mansion as the backdrop in the plot lines that include mysterious characters dropping in with no good intentions that lead to murder.

 The main character, sassy Jordan is a sweetheart of the character to follow along with. Her job is to find these book treasures for her boss.
Vera ruthlessly seeks out first editions like a bird pecking for worms and Jordan is her digging tool. There are plenty of twists and turns in all these stories that include the not-so-obvious criminal characters of Jordan’s uncles.

Another endearing character is a longtime companion and cook of Vera’s, Signora  Panetone, who heaps mounds of food on Jordan’s plate at very turn in the hopes of satisfying any misery Jordan may have. For an added bonus some of the signora’s recipes are included at the end of every book.

My only gripes, there are two, are that Jordan’s friends whom she desperately wants to count on are hardly around when she needs them and for that her loyalty to them might be misguided.  Whereas Jordan whines about the only person in most of the stories that he is in, her uncle Kevin, who is there for her.  Kevin is kind of a screw up according to Jordan (I don’t see it) and yet he’s always there to help Jordan when she needs him. She just does not, in my opinion appreciate him. I mean, for me, if I had a relative like Kevin I would be grateful!  Just saying!  These are a 5 STAR read! ~JD Holiday

Buy these books at:

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Is Someone You Live With Depressed?

Watch for signs of depression in those around you, like a withdrawal from people and activities they normally enjoy. (Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock)
(Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock)


This advice is from an article called: How to Help Someone You Live With Who Has Depression during COVID-19 by MONIKA PARKINSON AND MARIA LOADES
This is a wonderful article and I’ve picked out some important things you can do to help someone. ~Jan
Some Signs of Depression: withdrawal from things, people, and activities especially those they enjoy. Don’t assume someone they are okay because they say they are. Better to ask questions and risk annoying them and get them to talk by drawing them out of themselves.If they still don’t want to tell you, watch for anything unusual and these signs: such as sleeping more, skipping meals, zoning out for long periods of time, and avoiding doing things. The experience of depression often fills a person with negative thoughts. Feelings can often be linked to repetitive thoughts, and most often the person can’t stop the thought and negative feelings that accompany it as it plays over and over again like a repeating or broken cd,( or for us older people,) a broken record.It can also be a repetitive behavior.
HOW TO HELP:(THIS IS RIGHT OUT IF THE ARTICLE:) It can be helpful to encourage someone who is thinking this way to try to look at different sides to a situation. Useful questions might be:“What advice would you give a friend in this situation? ”or “What would be a more helpful way of thinking about this?”
(ME AGAIN) It is helpful to tell them that you know how they are feeling. That what they are feeling is clear, plausible, easy to understand letting them know these feelings will pass. Validation like this can help someone depressed stop criticizing themselves for what they might feel were justified thoughts about themself, and give them some relief from their depression, even if just temporary. Encourage them to do the things that they enjoy and that are important to them lead them to pull out of their depression. 
AND, ENCOURAGE them to talk with their DOCTOR. I believe this is a must.(And, I will add)  THEY MUST WORK to come out of their depression. That will sometimes mean FORCING THEMSELVES TO DO THINGS. As it is said; ‘GOD, Helps Those Who Help Themselves.’  ~Jan

How to Help Someone You Live With Who Has Depression by MONIKA PARKINSON AND MARIA LOADES at:


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Reworking a Painting

We wanted to have one of my paintings in a prominent place on our living room wall. Which, is fine since I have a few paintings I could use. But I wanted to add a more personal touch so I reworking an earlier painting to add mine and my husband’s nicknames in it. This is how it turned out. The first version is the reworked painting. ~JD

INITALS tree_Painting w matt-photo 8-5-20 36x24 SIGNED online

The original painting:  Dangers In the Wilderness
Dangers In the Wilderness I painted to go with a story I wrote by the same name. The story appears in my book, Stories And Imaginings for the Reading Spot.

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If You Talk to Yourself You Might Be a Genius

from The Epoch Times  

1. Thinking Outside the Box

2. Multitasking

3. Positivity

Epoch Times Photo
(Illustration – Max4e Photo/Shutterstock)



Generally speaking, people who self-narrate are better able to maintain a positive outlook on life than those who bottle everything up inside. Negativity can shake our self-belief as we navigate life and its challenges. Positive pep-talking yourself, then, will swing you from negativity to positivity.

There is something life-affirming about self-talking and swinging your mood to a more favorable setting. Without a doubt, negative energy begets negative energy. Those who are of a positive mindset receive positive energy back and enjoy a more productive and happier life.

It is all about self-esteem and being your cheerleader. Self-talking avoids beating yourself up about stuff that you probably couldn’t control anyway. Instead, give yourself a break and provide yourself with some positive feedback. It is a significant feel-good factor and helps put matters into perspective. Life is complicated enough without occasionally putting a positive spin on your life. There is always a silver lining should you choose to look hard enough.

READ the article at:

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MORE about Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair

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Page 9 from GEORDIE And The BEAM OF LIGHT by JD Holiday

“The sign didn’t work?” Geordie asked.


“It knocked it down!” Cordelia cried.

“It didn’t even slow down so we could see what it was racing by!” Chirp complained.

“It does too fast to see,” Kit offered.

Ruff was so mad that RRrrrrrr was the only sound he could make.

1AA PAGE9 DONE signed for online_bak

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Character Quotes: from Janoose The Goose

Character Quotes: from Janoose The Goose by J.D. Holiday

30950-goose2bcover2b8x2b102bpicture2bbook2b22bjpgWe had a volunteer farm watch program once, but everyone kept forgetting to be on the lookout for problems just like this,”  Austin reminded everyone.

“Well, as long as Janoose is here we can all rest easy knowing she’ll sound the alarm,”  Gertie said.

“That’s right,”  Catcella said.

Janoose frowned. “Oh, but I won’t be here. I have to go home. And the last flight is tomorrow,” she told them. “Maybe you can be the security guard here?” Molly said.

“No,” Catcella said knowingly, “There is no money for that job.”

Book Trailer for Janoose the Goose, a children’s picture book bJpage5 signed for onliney J.D. Holiday


More about the book at:

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Living In The Back Up Plan, Part 6 by JD Holiday

Living In The BackUp Plan, Part 6 by JD Holiday


All Rights Reserved.

© JD Holiday 2020

 Danie walked to the car park never noticing the autumn day. The weather was miserable, breezy with a light rain. She could only think about that in her mind Joe was special. She wasn’t sure when she’d come to that belief but it might have started that first night at the bar staring at his drop-dead gorgeous face and witnessed his sense of humor. Just being near Joe, or thinking about him and his lean appealing body, just the very way he stood had that air of confidence and sensuality caused her a certain tingle in places she never felt before.
Once in the rented Mini Cooper, Danie drove to the detective agency. There were no parking spots out front. A dark blue Rolls Royce sat at the curb parallel with the office. The chauffeur stood beside it talking on a cell phone.
She drove around to the narrow access road in back of the terrace house
and parked the Mini. The access road was lined with trees Danie recognized, a mix of Scot’s Elms Ash and Chestnut. Much of their wet leaves strewn all over and some fluttering in the November wind gusts. Danie pulled her umbrella out of her tote bag and got out. That’s when she saw the two men holding umbrellas standing down the road looking her way. They immediately looked elsewhere.

         She approached the eight-foot-tall brick wall in several shades of sunset red. She judged it to have been built centuries ago and by the look of it kept in good condition. A few repairs were noticeable on both sides of its gate no doubt done sometime in the recent past.
Danie hurried to the arched-top cedar gate, inserted the key Cyril gave her in the lock and went through the spent garden to the terrace house’s ground-level door. She heard the drumming of a hammer along with the buzz of an electric saw coming from inside. The sounds grew louder once she unlocked the door and stepped into the house where the aroma of brewed coffee permeated the dated well-kept kitchen. Danie spied a large pot of coffee sitting on the Hoover cooker. Three pastry boxes were stacked on the table next to a group of mugs and plates.
Men’s voices came from the main hallway mixing with the pounding and droning din. Danie glanced through the open kitchen door. Cyril’s back was to her and a well-dressed man in a black overcoat holding a cap in one hand, nearly Cyril age, or maybe sixty, was bent over petting Reilly. A third man more casually dressed with a great amount of dark black hair and large in stature stood nearby with a pleasant grin on his face. As she closed the back door the dog turned and ran to her. 

              Seeing Danie, Cyril remarked, “No mention of our business today.”

              “Ah, the lady Joe likes,” Anton remarked while watching her approach, grinning broadly.

              Danie greeted Reilly bending down to try and calm him.

              “Danie,” Cyril called to her motioning her forward.

              She looked up and regarded the group.

              Danie walked toward the hallway, Reilly bouncing around beside her. The carpentry sounds were coming from below in the cellar. The door to it was on her left under the main staircase in the front hallway.
“I want you to meet Sir Jeremy Rimble and Anton Drakos,” Cyril said.
Danie shook hands with both men as Sir Jeremy said, “So glad to meet you. Cyril has said very nice things about you.”
Danie glanced at Cyril. “Oh, I’m hoping I can live up to it,” she said, her smile widened. “He is very generous that is for sure.”
“That he is,” said Sir Jeremy, “He is always truthful.”
They heard steps coming up from the basement. The door opens and a young man in paint-splattered overalls join them.
Reilly greeted him like an old friend. “Cheers Reilly,” the newcomer said as the dog jump up onto his chest.
“Boy, get down,” Danie said, reaching for Reilly’s collar.
The young man touched the dog’s head replying, “It’s quite all right. Reilly is a good helper. We debugged the whole place together, didn’t we boy.”
Danie frowned. “Debug?”
Cyril inserted to avoid explaining the reasons for debugging the house and its relationship to Joe. “Danie, this is John Simon. He is another if our superb detectives. He’s working on some repairs we are making. Reilly’s been following him around.”
Following suit, Sir Jeremy added, “I heard you work your stocks on the American stock market. We will have to have a talk and exchange notes.”
“Yes, I do, a little. I’m trying to keep my head above water,” Danie said unpretentiously.
Reilly began to fuss and Danie knew the signs. “I should take him for a walk,” she said.

              Danie turned to the cellar door where they hung Reilly’s leash on a hook just inside, but Cyril scrambled to get there first. “Here let me.” He then hooked the dog up. “I have an idea about an apartment for you. We can talk about it later,” he told her.

              Surprised, Danie cringed. They had talked about house hunting, And Cyril offered to go with her. “But I still want to buy a house. I want to look for a cottage, maybe.”

              “Ah, yes, I meant to bring this up. Letting an apartment would be more economical for you, don’t you think?” Cyril said flinching himself.

              Surprised by his remark, Danie drew a sharp breath. She thought Cyril understood her plans. She remarked in disbelief, “Oh, no. I do want to buy a cottage with a yard.”

         “I know that is your plan, I just thought, you know, to start with? Get a feel for life here. Well, we can talk about it later,” Cyril said, his face flushed, aware from Danie’s reaction that he overstepped the limits of their friendship.

         Danie gave a weak smile and nodded in agreement. She turned to go. “Nice to meet everyone.”
The four men watched in silence until Danie close the back door behind her. 

              Cyril exchanged a look with Sir Jeremy.

              Sir Jeremy asked, “Does she have enough money to buy a house?” 

              “Doesn’t appear to me with the amount of money she has that she could afford it,” Cyril replied.

               “And it cost money to live in that hotel,” Sir Jeremy remarked.

              John Simon reached over and open the door to the cellar. And called down the stairs. “It’s clear.”

              A large group of men and women filed out of the cellar most with paint or dust on their clothes.

              Joe was the last in line. Sir Jeremy reached out and shook his hand, “I’m not sure I would have known you dressed as you are,” he said with a grin. “Glad you are here, my boy. This whole situation is just unforgivable to my way of thinking.”

              Joe nodded. “Agreed.”

All Rights Reserved.

© JD Holiday 2020


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