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Where the Winds Blow — Part 11

by Ruth Davis Hays – 2011

The Khnyghtsyde household recovers from ‘Khiall’s vicious attack on Galian as the crisp days of summer draw to a close on the verdant countryside of Culetan. However, the sultry warmth of the season will not withdraw before it wields its unrelenting power upon the kindled passions of two young hearts… (Some mature content)


Weeks of recovery rolled by in an outward blur of boredom. However, secretly, their lethargic summer days were intermixed with a rush of adrenaline during stolen moments and forbidden meetings, when Lauralei and ‘Khiall were free to probe each other’s blooming lusts.

Heated kisses in the cubby under the stairs; giggling conspiratorially at their near detection; midnight rendezvouses to delve into the deeper recesses of their cravings.

They struggled to remain on the high road during these taboo ventures; Lauralei allowing her inquisitive spirit to roam dangerously close to complete abandon. Dancing around an unchaste inferno, its heat lured them to plunge into its licking flames.

Given a silent license to explore her body as long and as often as he liked, ‘Khiall’s lingering touches penetrated her most pernicious ecstasies, inflicting moments of great pleasure upon her compliant body. His own delicious contagion was kindled in correlation with hers. Frenzied by his shamefully ardent experimentation, she would eagerly reciprocate, much to his satisfaction.

Resisting the tumble into that tantalizing, yet deeper, abyss of lust, they would oft part sated but starving still. Although abandoned appetites hammered inside her, she wanted to let him choose the time and place for their most intimate of gestures. However long she must endure the foreplay, it seemed only polite to let his recuperation dictate their pace.

Lauralei would have done well to remember the old dwarven adage, ‘give care to your ambitions.’ Hers were not left waiting long.

One night, thundering with violence and a flurry of light in the sky, their moment finally came.

She stretched in her soft canopy bed, anticipating the rain that teased the air with piercing dankness, when her window erupted with lightening. A silhouette spread across her ceiling. Flinging her blankets aside, Lauralei sat up with a yelp. Her skin was bare and luminous in the glowing night. The fright taken offered her breath back in hesitant gulps. 

Dressed only in black leggings with perspiration glimmering on his chest, ‘Khiall stalked into her room, the balcony behind him was left in glowering shadows.

Expecting their usual timid and enjoyable trade of manual climaxes, she realized something had changed. The glow from her bedside oil lamp reflected in his rapacious glare. With jaw set, chest heaving, the fae crawled steadily closer to her. Eyes level and intense, all frivolity gone, his breath trickled down her neck as he inhaled her scent. He was so near as to touch her, but he didn’t. His long ebony tresses trailed sporadically on her skin. Lauralei stayed completely still, barely able to breathe, as one would when trapped by a wild animal. He was strange this night. There was ferocity in his posture that was alien to her. Fear began to curl up into her heart, and she felt an inordinate vulnerability sitting naked in front of him.

“Dharromar?” she whispered, trembling. He didn’t answer except with a rigid stare, his face only a fraction of an inch from hers.

The heat radiated off him, teasing and enveloping her. Inhaling his musk with a tiny gasp, she heard a whimper mingle in her throat. His intensity controlled her, emptying her mind of any thought outside of him. Her mouth was dry; she realized that she was no longer sure what his intentions might be. He acted as though he could either kiss her … or kill her.

Prowling around her, a beast with his head low, he moved up behind her. His rabid breath tumbled over her shoulder, brushing her wavy hair in its wake. Tensely, she waited, unable to see him.

Lips wide, his hot mouth was suddenly against her neck. It was a bite more than a kiss, but chills flooded her helpless body regardless. His hands swiftly encircled her waist, taking her bosom firmly; his fingers eliciting spiral cravings inside her as they brushed her nipples. Raising her arms, she embraced his dark head, arching back against him. She grasped his pointed fae ears and stroked them with a fierce tug. Groaning loudly, his body compressed against hers as his teeth pulled on her skin.

As the storm outside raged, they tossed and groped urgently, following their bodies’ needs at last. They held nothing back. Rain began to pelt down in sheets, billowing out her white drapes and soaking her floor far beyond the balcony threshold. Their passions mirrored the tempest; his unspoken insistence leading his movements. Her former experience with such carnal matters paled and seemed nonsensical to her as she was swept along a torrid river. Mere touches plummeted them both into the most frightening caves of unbridled deviance.

Tumbling onto her back, his zealous figure looming over her, Lauralei wrapped him in her legs. Her ripening body awaited him. Assailing her with wandering abandon, he seemed to drown in his wild and unfocused appetites. Like a life-preserver upon bucking waves, she pressed against him and taught his hips a more refined dance, all the while murmuring words of encouragement. This brought them both into a combined endeavor to harvest the entire pleasure opening before them.

His fullness raked her unpaid longing, making it grow to the point of annihilation, like scratching an itch that has long annoyed her. She struggled to restrain any moaning outburst; her rapture cresting oft as he hounded his own elusive moment of ecstasy.

Thunder pounded the air. Faster, he fought after the sweet death of his desire as she used her fist to stifle her overpowering urge to cry out. The night flashed white around them and his body shuddered inside her. A harsh cry slipped from his trembling lips. He lowered himself onto her bed, his skin swiftly becoming chill to the touch.

Basking in her own lagoon of bliss, Lauralei shifted, searching for his face which was buried in her thick pillow. His shoulders still shook with each breath. After a moment, ‘Khiall gazed at her through black strings of hair and apologized faintly.

“Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he chuckled, a smile lighting his features to a sublime beauty.

She kissed his warm lips. There seemed nothing more splendid to her at that moment than to look at him.



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We’re Goin’ to a Party Party!

fantastic blog hop bus

A few months ago, some fellow authors and I embarked on an ambitious project to help one another promote our work. And so The Fantastic Blog Hop was born!

Now, we’re having a party! A two day event on Facebook and we want all our friends to attend.

We’re playing games, having contests, drawings and giveaways. Fun, Freebies, Fantastic! Join us on Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23 on Facebook!

Party goers include:

Dellani Oakes

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Stephanie Osborn

We’re going to have some fun, so join us!

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The Fantastic Blog Hop ~ Rachel Rueben

The Fantastic Blog Hop ~ Rachel Rueben.

via The Fantastic Blog Hop ~ Rachel Rueben.

Can’t wait for Eternal Bond! These vampires wouldn’t sparkle if you put a torch to them. Vicious, mean and nasty, they lust after blood and violence. Old school vamps at their brutal best — or worse.

Read all about Rachel and her books today on the Fantastic Blog Hop!