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Fedelta 2: Making The Next Move

Fedelta Book 2 Making The Next Move

As Amato and Jimmy made their plans, Cassandra was making hers.  Desperate for cash, she knew she had to start liquidating her assets if she wanted to escape.  Doing her best to stay one step ahead of the cops, she grabbed her spare phone, and started looking up the number to her local bank branch manager.  With her fingers crossed, she called and explained that she needed to withdraw all of her money.  “In cash?” the manager asked rather surprised.

“No, in puka shells,” she retorted, “Of course in cash!”

“Well Ms. Fenetti, we’ll need at least 24 hours.”


“We’re low in cash,” the manager explained.

“You’re a bank, how is that even possible?”

“Just bear with us Ms. Fenetti. We’ll have all of the funds tomorrow.”

“Urgh!  Okay, I’ll be there at opening.”

“Alright, see you then.” He said in a sickening sweet tone.

Hanging up the phone the manager place a call to his supervisor, the Vice president of the branch, “Steve, it’s Marty, sorry to bother you but Fenetti called.  She’s coming by tomorrow morning at opening.”

“Thanks Marty, I handle this one myself.” He said.

He wasn’t quite sure why the President of the bank would want to personally handle the closing of an account, but Marty, simply agreed to have his admin send the files to his boss’s computer.  That was one less account he had to deal with, and since it was the end of the day, he grabbed his jacket along with his brief case and left for home.

In the meantime, Cassandra had to figure out where she was going once she had the cash.  Placing a call to her favorite airline, she chartered a plane to the Cayman Islands.  Once she got off the phone with them, she booked a hotel room at the Hilton.  Nonetheless she still wasn’t done, Cassandra had to make sure no one would be able to track her, not the cops, and certainly not the killers.  She already knew that the cops were checking phone records and looking at security footage.  As if that weren’t enough, Cassandra would have to change her appearance as well as get a new identity.  Placing a few calls to some of the best forgers in New York, she put in an order for a new driver’s license as well as a passport.  The ones she had were old, and looked outdated.  Sending him a recent photo of herself, she got the okay from the forger and they worked out a deal.  She regretted not staying on top of these things, she knew better, being the daughter of a mobster and the fiancé of another.  This life was unpredictable and deadly, Inpatient she mumbled to herself, “When will you ever learn?”.

This was only phase one of her plan, she still had to keep herself alive and evade police for the next 16 hours.  Cassandra had to lay low, if she was going to survive the night.  Starting the engine, she made a journey to her old hideout, a safe house of sorts.  Making her way through Little Italy, she made it to an old pizzeria.  Parking down the street, she took out a key and went to the back and climbed a set of rickety stairs to a tiny apartment.  Cassandra figured she would be safe here since she and Stephano rented it under the table.  There was no paper trail and they were careful to not tell anyone about it.  Despite all that, she was still paranoid and took out her glock.  Quietly she went from room to room to be absolutely sure she was alone.  When she was able to let her guard down, Cassandra put the gun away and went straight to the closet to find the clothes she had purchased for a time like this.  There was an array of outfits, some of them were shabby chic, while the others were high end luxury brands.  There was no way she could dress as she always had.  Too many people knew her style, and if her instincts were right, the cops were already creating a profile of her, if they hadn’t already.  It was a hot day and she still wasn’t feeling well, so Cassandra decided to take a shower and call it a day.

Collapsing on the bed, she made herself comfortable and clutched a pillow.  Fighting the urge to cry, she refused to think about what happened and focused instead on what needed to be done.  Going over the plan in her head, she went over  every possible scenario again and again like a mantra of sorts.  After all, Cassandra needed something to believe in and her plan was that thing.  She would succeed, she would pull herself out of this mess.  Confident, she slowly drifted to sleep, safe for now.

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Fedelta: Authority Issues

Fedelta Book 2: Authority Issues

Warning: Language

On the other side of town, Amato was winding down the day and getting himself ready for dinner.  Since his divorce he had to learn to live like a bachelor and it really didn’t appeal to him.  He had a service that prepared his meals for him after nearly burning down his kitchen when trying to fry an egg.  He also had a cleaning service come in and clean his apartment after breaking his thumb while trying to scrap the ash from the stove after the the egg debacle.  It was getting expensive being alone, not to mention humiliating.  Amato always prided himself on being independent but he wasn’t cut out for this life.  He was missing companionship of the female kind.  Online dating didn’t suit him because he knew from his work that you’re just one serial killer away from making the nightly news.  Besides, he was sick of disappointment and dating was the express lane to Regretsville.  He would either be disappointed by finding out his date lived with 100 cats or she would be disappointed by his unhealthy obsession with his work.  Amato had to face reality, he was no catch.  He was approaching his 40’s and the grey streaks were already starting to appear in his dark brown hair.  His left knee now cracked every time he bent it and he was even prescribed a pair of reading glasses.  It was safe to say he was getting a little long in the tooth.

As he began heating up his vegan eggplant parmesan, there was a knock at the door.  Knowing exactly who it was, he made no attempt at hurrying to answer.  Setting the oven’s thermostat to 350°, he gently put the eggplant dish in the oven.  After closing the oven door, he heard  a second knock.  Hearing the frustration of his guest as they began pounding on the door, Amato smiled.  Taking his time to the door, he threw a kitchen towel over his shoulder and yelled, “Hang on!”

When he opened the door, it was none other than Special Agent Cohen, looking worn out and angry.  “Oh hi, Agent Cohen, what brings you to this part of town?” Amato inquired.  Glaring up at him, Cohen growled, “When I call, you answer the fucking phone.  Got that, you piece of shit!”

“Whoooa!  Wait a minute here, you didn’t come all this way to insult me, did you?”

“Fuck you Amato!” he said with his finger pointed in his face.  “I ain’t got time for your stupid games.”

Laying down the law Amato warned, “Apparently you’re under the impression that we’re at work.  If you want to bark orders and berate your fellow piss ants you might want to return to the office.  But if you wanna stay for some eggplant parmesan, you’re welcome.”  Pretending as if he didn’t understand the severity of the situation, Amato smiled then added, “It’s vegan.”

“You’re a disgrace.” Cohen bellowed.

Admitting to defeat Amato threw his hands up in the air, “Well, I tried to make nice,” he declared as he began closing the door on Special Agent Cohen.

“The fellas were right, that Fenetti chick got you all pussy whipped.”

Not falling for it, Amato kept his temper and closed the door.  Walking away, he refused to deal with Cohen in this state, even if it meant losing his job.  So he went back to preparing dinner while Cohen began making his plan to end Amato’s career.  Cohen was going to be damn sure he got whatever he needed for his investigation even if he had to pull it out of Amato’s gullet.  As he retreated to the elevator, Cohen began making phone calls.

On the outside it seemed like Amato just poked a bear with a small stick when in fact, he was politicking.  Not content to be a solider in Cohen’s army, he would not play second fiddle to anyone on the force anymore.  He nearly lost his life the last time.  One might say he had control issues now when it came to his work.  Turning on the Mets game in the living room, he listened from the kitchen as he got the veggies out crisper.  Carefully, Amato began chopping up his salad while he waited for Cohen to make the next move.

By the time Cohen made it back to headquarters, he made a b-line to Agent Nicholson’s office.  Storming in without so much as knocking, Cohen demanded, “I want his file.”  Confused, Nicholson asked, “What the hell ya talking about?”

“Amato, I want John Amato’s personnel file,” he said nearly out of breath.

“What the hell for?”

“Just send me his God damn file,” Cohen said through gritted teeth.

“You know that you gotta send a request through the proper channels.”
“Not you too?” Cohen said bewildered.

“We have rules Cohen, I can’t just go showing personnel files to any ol’ body.” Nicholson said rather annoyed by his request.

“Damn it, I got a job to do!” Cohen yelled.

“So do we.” Nicholson retorted, “Fill out the paperwork and send it my way.”

Disgusted, Cohen barged out of the office.  Knowing this was serious, Nicholson made a phone call to a mutual acquaintance of both he and Amato’s in order to warn him about what was going down.  He didn’t want to get directly in the middle of this, Amato just wasn’t worth it.  At least not to him, he had no skin in this game.  However Nicholson knew that Cohen was vindictive and had ruined several careers,  and he thought it would be shame if Cohen struck again.  He knew that snake wouldn’t rest until he had Amato’s head hanging on his office wall.  Unfortunately, Nicholson couldn’t take him down by himself, but he could send a message indirectly, and whatever happened, was up to fate.  If Amato was as good as people said, he would be able to handle Cohen if not, there would be a new opening in the office.

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Fedelta Parte 23: Duplicity

Fedelta Part 23
Image via Pixabay

“I think I found it!” Amato said with a gleam in his eyes. “That’s what you said three hours ago, what makes you think ya got it now?” Jimmy said rather annoyed. Pointing to a newspaper article, he said, “You remember that D.A. Ariana Del Fino?”

“Do I?” Jimmy answered rather excited, “How do you forget the first female District Attorney? And more importantly, how do you forget that a…” he paused, forgetting there was a lady in the room. Clearing his throat, he simplified his answer to, “Yes, yes, I do.”

Cracking a smile, Cassie watched as these two apes tried to piece together a mystery of who put the hit out on Amato. Leaning back in his chair Amato said, “She was the D.A. that put Charlie Albero and several other of the Cosmios away but look at this here,” he said pointing to a copy of the trial records, “His conviction was reversed when it discovered the D.A. was busted in a corruption sting two years later.” Not getting it, Jimmy said, “What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“She was taking money on the sly from the Alunni,” Cassie chirped up. Surprised, Jimmy asked, “How you know?”
“Who else hates the Cosimos so much and have the pockets deep enough to bribe a D.A.?” Cassie responded. Both men nodded their heads in agreement and looked at each other in awe at her insider information. “They’re moving in for the kill, and think you’re on the payroll,” Jimmy concluded tilting his glass of scotch directly at Amato. “If they think you’re one of them, the Cosimos prawbably went with it to scare ‘em.” Jimmy chuckled then he looked directly at Amato and exclaimed, “Damn’, you must be real good at your job, brotha.”

Not knowing whether to smile or cuss, Amato sat in his rickety barroom chair silent. Meanwhile, Cassie attested, “He’s one of the best” then took a sip of her gin.

Seeing this was serious, Jimmy exclaims, “So whadda we do?”
“I don’t know, what do we do Cassie?” he asked with serious stare.
Playing it cool, Cassie responded, “Well you can spend the rest of your life on the run or you can use this to your favor. Play them against each other. Offer your services to the Alunnis.”
“How?” Jimmy asked.
“I know of a racket that a few of the Cosimos are involved in, that would be catastrophic if the wrong people got word of it.”
“Which one?” asked Amato.
“The gas stations,” she said then smiled devilishly.
“Ooh, that’s gonna hurt,” Jimmy laughed at the fiendish idea.

Amato liked what he heard and knew that the Cosmios would lose millions of dollars if they lost their gas stations. You see, like most of their businesses, they were just fronts for other things like drug dealing, prostitution, and gambling. It wasn’t unusual for one family to infringe on another’s territory especially if it was lucrative. But he had only one question, “How?”

“We do a little fronting ourselves,” Cassie explained, “Rattle the Cosimos a little bit and make them believe it’s the Alunni. That’ll start a war and…”
“Then roll in and offer our assistance,” Amato finished the thought.
“Playin’ them against each other, it’s friggin’ brilliant!” Jimmy said. “And once we’re inside, we can get all the intel we need.”

So it was settled, they would begin operation: Reconquest but first, they had to plan their strategy and while they did that, Cassie excused herself, and went outside for a cigarette. Once she was safe from prying eyes and ears, she made a phone call to an old boyfriend Stephano Rimaldi, consigliere to the boss of the Alunni.

Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

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Fedelta Parte 22: Our Better Angels

Fedelta Part 22
Image via Pixabay

The halls of the VFW buzzed with activity as old men sprung to life coming and going while they rearranged the room.  “Bring in that chalkboard!” ordered a man pointing the way with his cane.  A door opened and a beam of angelic light pierced the dark room, making everyone in the room pause to look.  Seeing it was just Jimmy, they went straight back to work.  “Guess they thought it was the Grim Reaper” joked Amato.  His audience however was not appreciative.  Sitting right across from him was Cassandra Fenetti, the woman he bailed on less than twelve hours prior.  This was his third old geezer joke and like all the others before, all he got was a dead-eye stare.

“Okay Cassie, lay into me.  You know you’ve been wanting to.”  Again, all he got was silence and a stare.  “Go on, tell me I’m a punk ass or a p*ssy, I can take it but know this, I did it all for you.”

Rolling her eyes at the pathetic attempt, Cassie answered, “You did it because you thought you could take on the Feds by yourself.  Just like you thought you could take on the Cosimos, by yourself.  This martyrdom act is gettin’ old John, I thought we were in this together.”

“Cassie, if I can do something dangerous without you, I will.  If you’re waiting for an apology, then keep waitin’ sister.”

Cassandra didn’t like his tone, and in response she reminded him, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you don’t run shit around here!  You sure as hell don’t…”

Without warning, a box of files landed on their table with a loud thud startling them both.  “Since you two have so much leisure time I figured you might help out around here,”  Jimmy said with a smile.    Curling her lip in disgust Cassie flipped the lid off the box.  Landing on Amato’s shoe he kicked the thing clear across the room.  “That’s the spirit!” Jimmy said as he pulled up a chair.

Looking inside the box was a treasure-trove of photos, transcripts, legal documents and even newspaper clippings from yesteryear.  “I thought they digitalized everything downtown?” Amato asked puzzled by all the artifacts.  Grabbing one of the files, Jimmy laughed and said “They did, that’s why they won’t miss any of this stuff.”  Figuring he had someone on the inside, Amato didn’t ask for any more details and Jimmy didn’t offer any.  Meanwhile Cassie came across several photos of her and her father from what seemed to be surveillance footage.  She did her best not to get sentimental, after all it was no use.  Her father was gone, and there was nothing she could do about that.  Instead she read the file attached to the paperclip that mentioned contacts, and business dealings which caught her eye.  Noticing a list of restaurants, bakeries, and gas stations one name popped out, Pepolino’s.  She remembered it was mentioned by her brother who was dying to get into that place.  Sadly for poor Dominic he was too low level to get in, it was reserved only for the elite Mafiosos.  However the file had it listed as a strategic dud, they were never able to infiltrate and labeled the place worthless.  What a bunch of lazy cops Cassie thought to herself.  How could they not notice all of the top mob bosses meeting at this joint every few months?  It was conviente, too conviente and she knew why, this investiagtion had been tampered with but by who?

Catching a quick glance she tried to read Jimmy and didn’t get any strange vibes from him.  His crew however was another thing.  His boys could be mobbed up and he would never know the difference.  Her dad did it all the time, bribe an entry level employee and voila, evidence gets lost, court cases get dismissed and everyone goes home happy.  Should she tell Amato?  A part of her said yes, while the other part of her wanted to see how this all played out.  And since Amato was acting like a dick, her better angels lost out to her bitter ones.  Sliding the picture of her dad in her sleeve, she sat back and watched the show.

Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

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Fedelta Parte 21: Grumpy Old Men

As the bitterly cold wind blew snow in his face, Amato had to squint just to find the door of the VFW.  With a gloved hand he knocked, and within a few seconds a large man answered, looking Amato up and down, not impressed, he began to close the door in Amato’s face.  Flashing his new badge, the bouncer jerked the door right back open.  And without a word, the man nods his head for Amato to follow which he does.  In silence they navigate the dimly lit, poorly decorated building, past the billiard room, and into the bar, the bouncer leads him to table in a private area.  Again without saying a word, the bouncer holds his finger up as though telling him to wait.  Obeying, Amato stands next to this table until the man disappears down a hall, leaving him alone.

Taking in his surroundings Amato noticed a lot of geezers who were looking directly at the new stranger who obviously wasn’t a vet from any war.  Still dressed in his distressed jeans and tattered brown jacket, he looked more like a hipster which captured the attention of the old jarheads.  Regretting his fashion choice, a man appeared from the shadowy hall with salt and pepper hair and with a huge smile on his face looked at Amato and said, “Whatta we have here, another addition to our ranks?”

“You’re Jimmy the General?” Amato asked rather shocked.

“Damn straight.” He answered.

Not wanting to blow his cover, Amato played along while Jimmy did his shtick.

As Amato opened his mouth to say something Jimmy cut him off and in a hushed tone said, “Shut up and follow me to my office?”  Following the man, Jimmy patted him on the back and slowly they walked together to his office passing the men at their tables to the office.  Amato could feel their eyes following them out of the room causing the hair on his neck to stand up.  He didn’t like being in enemy territory especially, when he didn’t know who his enemies were or why they were his enemies in the first place?

When the door closed Jimmy asks Amato “How’s Belesarre?”

“Well he’s fine if you like living in a bum camp.  Serves that son of a bitch right, he’s the reason why most of the precinct’s so mobbed up in the first place and now, the feds too.”Not interested in hearing his mentor’s faults, Amato asked plainly, “Can you help me out?  I got every cop in this town on my ass and they want my head as a trophy.”

Holding up the badge, Jimmy asked, “Do you know who this belonged to, huh?”  Shrugging his shoulders, Amato had no clue.  “It’s belonged to Agent Martinelli, we…I was supposed to be watching his back when word got out he had been compromised.  By the time I got an extraction team together, he was gone, ten holes in the head.”  Trying not to get emotional, Jimmy paused and rubbed his lower jaw before he continued, “Belesarre never let me live that one down.”

“I understand, but he was doing a job though…”

“You don’t understand shit!” Jimmy said with a menacing look in his eyes.  “Agent Martinelli had intel about corruption in the bureau, he recorded a few conversations he had with a few of the Cosimo soldiers and was prepping to meet the boss, when he got iced.”
Amato’s jaw dropped, stunned silent, he sat there and ran the numbers in his head.  “When was he whacked?”  he asked calmly.

“Two years ago,” Jimmy answered.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”  Amato yelled.  “That was the time I went under!  You mean I was his replacement and nobody told me about this?”

“It was need to know,” Jimmy answered.

“Fuck that!  I needed to know!”  Amato said, pointing his finger at Jimmy.

Leaning back in his chair Jimmy said, “It was a tough call but nobody knew who was clean and who was on the payroll anymore.”  Offering Amato an olive branch he proposed, “Look, I got some guys.  They ain’t much but they can give any mafioso hell.”

“You mean the Golden Girls out there?”

Offended Jimmy pointed his finger right back at him and said, “Hey, don’t make fun.  I trust them with my life and they never disappointed me, not neva.”

Defeated, Amato sighed and conceded, “Like I got a choice?”

Satisfied, Jimmy picked up his phone and just as he began dialing they heard a commotion.  First they heard yelling then furniture falling to the floor.  Rising to their feet, they both reached for their guns.  Looking at each other Jimmy maneuvered gracefully to the door as Amato cracked it open.  Hearing a familiar voice Amato groaned.  Putting his gun back in his holster, he marched down the hall to stop Hurricane Cassie from destroying the joint.  “Shit!” Amato muttered under his breath as he and Jimmy saw Cassie trying to muscle her way into the VFW.

“Hey, I said no chicks allowed!” the bouncer yelled holding her back not allowing her over the threshold of the door.

“Outta of my way tater nuts!” Cassie answered as she tried to push this mountain of a bouncer down.

Looking at Amato, Jimmy laughed and asked, “Is that your partner?”

“No!  Well…. yeah, I guess,” he said then sighed.

“Ha, ha, ha!  Well with the two of ya’s I guess we got a shot at the Cosimos.”

And like that, Amato had the support of a shifty group of old geezers along with his ride or die chick.  Surveying his new tactical team,  Amato took a deep breath and declared, “I’m gonna need a drink Jimmy.”

Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.


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Fedelta Parte 20: Lost & Found

Fedelta Part 20
Image via Pixabay

The sound of wheels screeching on the pavement echoed down the busy intersection of 5th and Lexington, “Hey, get outta the way, crazy broad!” yelled the driver at a woman who wandered in front of his car.  Mumbling to herself, she seemed mentally ill as she ignored the world around her.  Looking down at her phone, she constantly checked the street signs as she progressed through the city.  Knowing her battery was low, Cassie had only one guess as to which VFW hall Amato was going to and she had to get it right.  Variations of the worst case scenario filled her mind as she walked in the freezing cold to an old store that was converted into a VFW, just a few years prior.  It looked suspicious enough to be a police hideout.  Her father taught her how to spot a cop a mile away and this place reeked of cops.  It was too neat, and clean right in the heart of a bad neighborhood where the buildings were dilapidated and covered in graffiti.  Staring at it from the corner of the street Cassie figured it was either a drug trap or a pig pen. She was hoping for the latter but felt for her 38 just in case.

Cassie didn’t know what she was going to do when she got there, but figured she should stake out the place before making a move.  First she walked past the building and then even went as far as to view the it from behind on the other side of the street.  Cassie couldn’t leave anything to chance.  This already was a huge risk she was taking and for what, a guy who enjoyed leaving her on the sidelines?  Though she wasn’t pleased with his actions, she knew he couldn’t do this without her.  Too many people had already died from her dad, all the way to a news reporter, it had to stop and it was going to stop with her.

The snow had finally let up and now a punishing wind was blowing through the neighborhood, making her face numb.  Covering her entire head with a baby blue scarf, she left only a small slit for her eyes which were now watering from the bitter cold.  Fighting the urge to shiver, Cassie carried on and found the back of the building and peeked over a tall wooden fence.  She scanned for cameras and found two, one in the back and another on the side.  “Bingo,” she said aloud.  This couldn’t be a drug trap, it was too well set up for some petty dealer.  The place was perfectly monitored on all sides she noticed as she took a second tour of the outside of the building.  Going back to the corner, she noticed a large balding man come out of the building and look directly at her.  Smoking a cigarette, she watched it dangle from the side of his mouth before he grabbed it with his hand, flicking ashes into the wind.  He kept his focus directly on her which made Cassie turn the corner to hide.

“Shit!” she growled, they noticed her.  There would be no slipping into this building undetected.  As the heat left her body with each gust of wind, Cassie knew she had to something before she had to retreat or die from hypothermia. Just then a loud bang jolted her, in her already heightened state.  Looking down the street there was a mail truck and a postal carrier crossing the street to start his route.  Cassie looked down at her blue coat and dark pants and figured she sort of looked like a postal carrier.  This would be her way in.  Casually, she walked over to the truck and noticed the key still in the ignition.  It was as if God were smiling on her, and with that, she happily got into the small white truck, and started the engine.

Pulling up to the building, she changed her appearance just slightly by putting her hair up in her knit cap and grabbing a pile of mail.  Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage and walked right up to the front door and knocked.  The same large bald man opened and said, “Whattaya want?”  Smiling nervously, Cassie said, “I have a certified letter for Jimmy the General.”

Laughing, the security oaf said, “You got lotta of nerve.  Who do you think yer foolin’?”  He stepped back and went for his jacket but before he could, Cassie got the drop on him and had her gun in his face before he could even reach.  Having no choice, the guard put his hands up in the air in surrender.  Calmly she instructed him, “Put the gun on the ground real slow and you won’t get hurt.” Following the command, he put his Glock on the ground.  Gesturing with her gun she said, “Walk,” and when he hesitated, she barked, “Move!”  Once he was out of the doorway, and outside with her, she ran in the building leaving him out in the freezing cold.  Bolting the door behind her, he could only pound on the door as Cassie grabbed a nearby chair and securely barricaded herself inside with Jimmy the General.

Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.


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Fedelta Parte 18: Hunted

Fedelta Part 17
Image via Pixabay

*Warning language*

“Open the door Amato, this is your last warning!” said the police officer on the other side of the door. Scrabbling around the apartment, Amato collected several of his personal effects and shoved them into a duffle bag. Meanwhile Cassie was loading her gun, “What are you gonna do take out the cops with your antique 38?” Amato mocked.
“If I have to,” Cassie said standing her ground in front of the door.
“Come on!” Amato ordered.

Following him into another bedroom, he led her to a closet where there was a hole in the wall which was big enough for a human being. Whispering he said, “Go! It’ll take you to the apartment next door. By the time they figure it out, we’ll be gone.” It was brilliant.

First Cassie walked through then Amato who went over to one of the windows revealing a fire escape. Holding the window open for her, they both heard a loud boom as the steel door next door was blown open by the SWAT team. Quickly they both went down the fire escape and made their way down 4 stories and into the alley when they heard the command, “Freeze! Hands in the air!”

However instead of freezing they both ran for it. In fact they both ran three blocks before running into a group of marchers protesting the death of a young teen killed in police custody. Holding Cassie’s hand, Amato and she blended in with the group. As the protestors chanted, “No justice, no peace, with killer police!” they tried to look as normal as possible while power walking their way to freedom.
However that wasn’t to be, because when they marched 4 blocks with the protesters they noticed two police vehicles blocking the intersection. “Damn!” Amato said frustrated.


“We’re almost out of trouble, just act cool,” Cassie reassured him. But she couldn’t be more wrong because as the protesters saw their route being block, they took matters into their own hands and cleared the road. Several men threw down their signs and ran towards the police cruisers and proceeded to flip them over. As the officers watched just 10 feet from the car, they held their ground and retaliated by launching tear gas into the crowd. An older woman covered her face with a scarf and picked up the canister and threw it back at them. Several of the protesters charged forward while Amato seeing a way out, grabbed Cassie’s arm and led her to a small alley. That’s when the rubber bullets flew just as they made their way to the next street.

“I never thought I’d be so glad to see an angry mob,” Amato said chuckling. Cassie however was on high alert knowing they weren’t in the clear just yet. As more police cars entered the fray, they covered their faces with their hoods and kept their heads down as they walked down the street. It was in the cover of mayhem, Amato and Cassie were able to slip out of the grasp of the NYPD.

Seeing he was walking with purpose, Cassie knew he had a plan and before she could ask, he said, “I know a place we can go where they won’t bother us.”
Stopping in her tracks Cassie pulled Amato’s arm and said, “Why don’t we just leave? We can go to Mexico, I have money…”
“I can’t, it’s too late for me.”
Knowing better than to ask, Cassie said, “You sure you wanna do this?”
“Are you?”
“I’m down,” she said more certain than she had ever been about anything.
“Good then let’s see this thing out,”

It all sounded so final and Cassie knew what Amato was about to confront his biggest threat and his darkest fears so the least she could do was be there when the shit went down. If they caught Amato, she was going to jail with him but that didn’t scare her, not as much as losing him did. If she could prevent a violent conflict, she had to try. He was the only thing that matter to her. He was the only thing that felt right. If she had to be at his side at his darkest hour then so be it. She had been preparing for this all her life although she had figured Amato would be on the other side of the law.


Fedelta 2


Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

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Fedelta Parte 17: Misplaced Faith

Fedelta Part 16
Image via Pixabay

When Cassie got to apartment, she was startled to see that Amato was nowhere in sight. He must be sleeping, Cassie thought to herself. Putting the groceries on the kitchen counter, she took off her jacket and began looking for a solo cup to put her cereal and milk into. As she munched down she reached for yesterday’s paper and out of it slipped a piece of paper. Picking it up, Cassie noticed it was a legal document of some sort. Curiosity killed the cat and she read it, to her shock it was a will, Amato’s will. It read:

I Jonathan Amato of Brooklyn, New York, revoke my previous wills and condicils and declare this to be my last will and testament.
Article I
I am married to Irene Butler and all references in this will to my spouse are references to Irene.
Article II
I direct that all my just debts; funeral expenses and expenses of my final illness be first paid from my estate.
Article III
All remaining tangible properties shall be distributed to Irene. If Irene is unwilling or unable to accept this property then it shall be distributed to my favorite charity Blue Heroes.

Cassie’s hands trembled, she had forgotten about Irene. Were they still married? How could that be? He told her that…

Immediately Cassie’s face burned with anger as she realized she had fallen for the oldest trick in the book, the old: I’m gonna leave my wife bullshit. If she didn’t have a head wound, she would’ve slapped herself silly for being so naïve. Hearing Amato starting to stir in the next room, Cassie tucked the will back into the newspaper, pretending that nothing happened. As she sat there mindlessly munching on her generic Cheerios that she purchased at the gas station, Cassie wondered what was the point of risking her life for someone who wasn’t on the up and up with her? Maybe she had fallen for the blue uniform, many women do. She of all people should have known better, cops are no better than the mob. Maybe years spent amongst the mafiosos made her desperate to believe in something or someone good.

As Amato made his entre into the kitchen area, Cassie remained silent as she bitterly ate her crap breakfast. In only his sweatpants and tank top, he yawned his way over to the stool in front of her. Seeing the newspaper, he pushed it over to the side and grabbed the box of cereal and looked at it, “Ah Cherrios, nice choice,” he said.
Not able to contain herself anymore, Cassie said without any emotion, “When were you going to tell me?”
“Tell you what?”

Grabbing the newspaper Cassie shook it and out came the will. “You said you and Irene were through.”
Rubbing his jaw, Amato said, “We were but…”
“But what?” she growled, throwing the paper down in front of him knocking over her cup of cereal.

“It’s not easy ending a marriage Cassie.” He said completely defeated. “I loved Irene once upon a time and I owed it to her to at least try to fix our relationship!” It was an honorable answer but it stung nonetheless. “Jesus John, where’s your wedding ring?” she asked outraged.
Pulling it out of his pocket, he stuck it in her face. “What do you take it off when you want to get a girl in bed?” she yelled.
“I took it off when she filed for divorce three months ago!” He yelled back at her. “Three months ago? That was when…”
“That was when you happened!” he shouted.
Stunned all Cassie could say was, “Oh.”
“Oh?” You turn my life upside down and all you got to say is “Oh?”

She could sense he was holding back and so she finished it for him, “If it wasn’t for me, you and Irene would still be together, huh?” Looking away, Amato’s silence condemned him. Not knowing whether to feel flattered or guilty, she did the Catholic thing and went straight with the guilt. “Sorry,” she said softly as though someone had died.
“Don’t be, most cops get divorced,” he informed her, then to her surprise, he hooked her chin with his finger and lifted her face kissing her. “When I saw you two years ago, I knew I was done. I thought I could be professional and play the role but I was just a chump.” Kissing her again he continued, “Irene knew something was up but if I told her the truth, it would’ve killed her. I mean what else was I gonna do, tell her that I fell in love with a mafia princess?”

“Yeah but…” Cassie said breathless. Pressing his finger to her lips he shushed her, “I couldn’t tell her our marriage was a mistake so I had to play the two timing bastard for her sake. I didn’t want her to think it was her fault.”

Looking up at him, Cassie stroked his face and said, “God this is a mess,” then kissing him softly on his lips she ran her fingers through his hair igniting a passion he hadn’t felt in years. Just as things were getting hot and heavy, there was a pounding at the door. “Just my luck!” Amato said beyond irritated. Cassie however sensed something was wrong and ran to get her purse and her dad’s gun. “NYPD! Open up the door!” They both froze in terror, this was not how a kiss was supposed to end.

Author Bio:
Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

Crime, Fiction, Rachel Rueben, Romance

Fedelta Parte: 14: Escondido (Hide & Seek)

Fedelta Part 14
Image via Pixabay

*Warning Language*

Not wanting to let go, Fiona, held on to her daughter Cassandra as they embraced on the stoop. “Come back home, you hear me?” she said still hanging on. “Got it ma,” Cassie answered, as she let go of her mother’s hand. With everything she needed, Cassandra had to find Detective Amato and save him from himself.

It was going to be a tough task since he hadn’t responded to her calls in weeks. The only clue she had was an envelope of cash with her name on it. This alone, showed just how dire his situation was. Cassie was no fool, she knew things with his brothers in blue had gone sideways and he was most likely in the wind. Now all she had to do was find out where, but if she failed, the consequences could be fatal.  It was only a matter of time before they found Amato and she had to beat them to it.  Alone he was a target, together, they could take these stonzi (assholes) down.

Heading to the subway station three blocks away, her first stop would be Amato’s apartment. As the car doors sealed shut behind her, Cassie made her way to a seat in the back of the train next to an elderly woman with a rolling cart. While the train slowly took off from the platform, Cassandra’s stomach began to fall to the floor and nausea started to set in. As the train accelerated to 25 miles an hour, she dug her finger nails into the fabric of her seat as a friendly recording announced each stop over the loudspeaker. All along the route, the brakes of the train screeched an ungodly pitch as it let off passengers to their allotted destinations. Breathing deeply, she held on for dear life as the train seemed to crawl to her destination.

When the nice lady announced Cassie’s stop, she couldn’t be more relieved and bolted out the door. Pushing past several other commuters, she made her way to the bottom of the mezzanine and was rewarded with a blast of cold air to the face. Feeling much better, Cassie slowly made her way up the steps to Landsberg Ave.

Walking down the street, she was stopped dead in her tracks by some familiar faces lingering around the neighborhood. One was parked down the street in a silver Toyota Camry, while the other patrolled the area on foot. Immediately, Cassie took refuge in an alley between two brownstones to avoid detection. This is crazy, why the goon squad? As she pondered that question, a police car rolled up and parked right next to the Toyota. Stunned, Cassie watched as the cop unrolled his window and began speaking to the driver. Oh how she would’ve given anything to hear their conversation.

With all this security getting to Amato’s apartment would be impossible. Disheartened, Cassie began to make a quiet retreat when she turned around and saw a homeless man who put his hand over her mouth and dragged her towards an abandoned building behind the brownstones. Biting his hand, and elbowing him in the face, she managed to free herself from his grasp. Turning around, she kicked him right in the yam bag when the homeless guy yelled in agony, “Damn’ it Cass!” Doing a double take, she looked closer at him only to realize it was Amato. “Jesus, John, what the hell you doing walkin’ up on me like that?”

“Tryin’ to get you out of trouble!” he said through gritted teeth. Doubled over, Amato took deep breaths trying not to vomit in the alley. Blushing, Cassie tried not to laugh. She was tempted to apologize but that wasn’t happening. Besides, it was nice to know she could still handle herself even in her messed up condition.  A few minutes passed before she asked, “Ya gonna be alright?” He looked up at her bewildered, “No wonder we broke up.”

Shrugging her shoulders, she answered right back, “Not every man can handle a strong woman.”
“Not every man wants a ball buster.”

Straightening up, Amato signaled for her to follow him as he limped away. Not feeling all that great herself, was starting to feel a sharp pain in her head.  She had forgotten to take her meds and was now paying the price for it.  As the two of them hobbled away from danger, the sounds of the city permeated the air playing a soundtrack to this ridiculous love story.  Sirens, barking dogs and Amato’s bitching rang loudly in Cassie ears as she wondered how the hell they were ever gonna make it through this?

Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

Crime, Fiction, Rachel Rueben, Romance

Fedelta Parte 13: Heiress

Fedelta Part 13 2
Image via Pixabay

As Amato planned his next move, Cassandra was being released from the Louise Berkmeyer Rehabilitation Center in Manhattan. Still a bit wobbley from her injuries, she managed to get in the taxi cab. Once inside, the driver asked in his Long Island accent, “Where to Miss?” For a moment Cassie hesitated, since she didn’t have a home to go back to. As the motor ran, she answered, “Beringer Drive, Queens.” Resting back in the seat, Cassie watched the buildings get smaller and smaller as they drove further and further away from the downtown area.

When they reached Beringer, the driver slowed down and asked, “What was the address Ma’am?”
“Just stop here.” Cassie said.

Pulling over, the cab driver opened the door and assisted Cassie out. With no luggage and just an envelope of cash, she went to claim her inheritance. While in the hospital she assumed Amato was in trouble since he wasn’t returning her calls or responding to her texts and she knew just why. What Amato didn’t know was the police precinct he worked at was all mobbed up, meaning, there were good fellas everywhere. Cassie and her family knew the players because it was the nature of their business to know. You can’t make big money without spreading it around least someone in the family gets jealous and puts a bullet in your skull. That was one lesson her brother Dom never learned, and he was now six feet under.

When she reached her old childhood home, Cassie slowly made her way up the walkway and had a feeling of déjà vu. She rarely came home unless, it was to visit her mother, Fiona, who was the rock of their family. Her mother though rarely sentimental, was someone Cassie found comfort in confiding in since her mother was the only one she knew who understood the mafia lifestyle. From an Irish family of mobsters, thieves and thugs, her mother knew the mob life all too well.

Before Cassie could knock, her mother opened the door, “Cassie, what on earth? I don’t hear anything from ya in months, no phone call no nothin’!” Pulling off her black knit cap, Cassie revealed her half shaven head and the staples in her skull. Gasping her mother yelled, “What the hell happened?” Pointing inside, Cassie said, “We need to talk.”

Once indoors, she sat on the blue Queen Anne chair in the living room while her mother sat on the edge of the sofa less than two feet away. Looking around, there wasn’t a spot in that room that didn’t jog up some sort of memory. Hesitant, Cassie found it difficult to find the words, “Ma, I’ve done some horrible things,” she said as tears welled in her eyes. “Now I gotta make it right before a friend of mine gets killed.”

A flash of anger arose on Fiona’s face, because she knew that her daughter was dealing in family business and that was the last thing she ever wanted for her daughter. “Jesus Cassie, first your father, then Dom, now you? I can’t lose anymore of my family to this!”

Though she didn’t want to do it, Cassie played her only card and that was her mother’s loyalty to family. Looking her in the eyes Cassie said, “Ma, I promise it ends here, with me. I swear on Dom and Daddy’s grave, I will walk away from this.”

Exhausted, her mother rubbed her weary face with her hands and whispered quietly, “I swear Cassie, if you get hurt, I’ll die.” Looking away she wiped her tears with her sleeve and sobbed quietly. Cassandra hated doing this to her mother, but she needed help and her mother was the only one she trusted.

Silently, Fiona stood up and went upstairs to retrieve a box, a  worn black oak wood box that was locked. It belonged to her husband Frank, Cassie’s father and only Fiona had the key. Relieved to see it, Cassie smiled as her mother handed it to her. Handing her the key, Fiona paced the room as Cassie looked inside to find a gun, an address book and a green journal. Confused, she looked at it and just as she was about to ask, her mother answered, “He was keeping tabs on some of the Cosmios just in case they turned on him.” Shocked, Cassie finally understood why her father was killed.  “This changes everything,” she said staring at the journal.


Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.