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  1. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 10


    December 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    After driving for several days straight, Rafaela and Dirk end up in a dismal motel in the middle of nowhere. …
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  2. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 9


    November 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    Fortunately for Dirk and Rafaela, they’re excellent fighters. Unfortunately for the others, Dirk and Rafaela are excellent fighters. Bloody, but …
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  3. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 8

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    October 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    Unfortunately, their quiet time together doesn’t last. Somehow, they were discovered. In the cold light of early morning, Rafaela wakens, …
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  4. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 7


    September 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    After making love, Dirk tells Rafaela how he was turned. He had never told her the story before, in all …
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  5. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 6


    August 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    Although she’s willing to give him a gift of her blood, Rafaela also has no qualms about telling him when …
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  6. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 5

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    July 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    This episode gets a little steamy, not appropriate for readers under 17. Making a guess on where Dirk would go, …
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  7. Christmas and a Vampire – Part 4

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    June 12, 2015 by dellanioakes

    Though she can’t be mesmerized by his vampire skills, Rafaela can still be mesmerized by the man. She’s both sickened …
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