Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Feels Like Rain by Dellani

character-quotes-imageWell, all I gotta say is, thank God the bitch is gone.”

You—what? I thought you liked Elise.”

For a cop, you got the Pay Attention of a newt. I didn’t like that girl from day one, but I was polite to her, cause our mama taught me to be a gentleman. She’s selfish, self-centered, snobbish, mean, rude…. Do I need to go on?”

No,” Grant remarked flatly. “And if I’d married her?”

I’d have been polite to her face, and hated her behind her back. Like I been doing for the last four years.”

Great. My brother thinks my girlfriend is a soulless bitch.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from On the Fairway by Dellani

character-quotes-image“Heath, glad you’re back. Got a special job for you.”

“Yeah?” As the new man on the job, he was suspicious. Already, they had pulled several practical jokes at his expense.

“They need a delivery of gravel at the club house.”


“It was supposed to be delivered to them, but got sent here by mistake. I need you to drop it off on your way out. We can’t work anymore today. Got a squall line coming through. Supposed to rain all afternoon, and there’s thunderstorm warnings.”

“Okay. Where?” He got off his mule, grabbing his stuff to stow in his truck.

“It’s on a palette over there. Can’t miss it. It’s pink.”

“Pink gravel? What the hell for?”

“Search me. You good, though?”

“Yeah, if they are. I’m filthy, and I smell like ass.”

“Nope, dude, you smell like wet balls, sweaty socks—and ass,” his buddy Gerry said, grinning.

“Thanks, man. You smell like my dog’s ass.”

“You ain’t got a dog, man. They’re too smart to stay with ya.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Crash Into Me by Dellani

character-quotes-imageHis phone rang and he answered with his hands free device.


“We set?” the gruff voice demanded.

“Do I tell you how to do your job?”


“Do I nag you?”

“What? No!”

“Then afford me the same consideration.”

“I just want—”

“You hired me to do a job.

“And I paid you a shit ton of money.”

“Which I’m earning. Trust me to do the job you hired me for Don’t micromanage and no further contact.”


“And don’t say my name!”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image.jpg “That book better not be about me!” Francesca was staring her down.

“What makes you think I’d want to write about you when there are so many other more worthwhile subjects?”

“Because you hate me!”

“Hate is such a strong word, Fran.” She hated when she called her Fran. “I prefer detest, abhor, and a few like-minded synonyms.”

“Bitch! If I find out it is about me, I’ll sue! You can’t prove that I had anything to do with Natalie’s suicide.”

“Touché, Fran. And you can’t prove the book is about you! That’s what disclaimers are for. However, the fact is that the flash drive containing her manuscript conveniently went missing and voila! You just happened to release a strikingly similar novel.”

“Coincidence, and if I hear you slandering me in the press, I will sue as well.”

“I don’t have to. I read her manuscript at her request. She wanted a constructive opinion. I encouraged her to tighten up the plot and flesh out the characters.”

“I gave her advice, too.”

“No. You laughed at her and then bullied her at work.”

“She wasn’t doing her job. I merely got her to pay attention to the job and get her head out of the clouds.”

“It was harassment, plain and simple. You bullied her, so she quit, and she was so despondent, she ended her life.”

 “She would have been fired if she hadn’t quit. You also couldn’t prove she killed herself because of me.”

“So you say. I may not have proof, but your callous treatment after her book was stolen, speaks to her fragile state of mind. I will never be able to wash the image of her hanging there out of my head. You might not have pulled the trigger, but you sure as hell cocked the gun!”

Francesca walked away in a huff.

Sylvie Boucher sidled up to Terri’s table. “What was that all about?”

“Just Fran, being the piece of work that she is,” she responded.

“So, is it true? Did you bury the truth about Nattie’s death in the novel?”

“That secret will go with me to my grave, Sylvie.”


Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Fragrance Lingers by Dellani

character-quotes-image“Call me Mara,” she said sweetly. “I told Cole already, Miss Cross sounds too much like I’m the boss.”

“What business are you in?” Red asked politely, offering her his arm.

“I’m an architect.”

“But she’s trying hard to forget the office,” Cole finally found his voice. “So we are duty bound to help her forget, my rotund, red haired friend!” He offered his arm on her other side.

“I beg your pardon! I’m not rotund, I’m solid!” He smacked his fist against his belly to demonstrate.

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from The Maker by Dellani

The Maker cover frontWil, Matilda, Felix and one of the Kindred Elders were waiting for Ben on Wil’s sentient ship. As Matilda explained to Ben what they were going to attempt, his expression became dubious.

“Why do you need me? I’m not trained in this sort of thing.”

“The Elder wants you. You want to argue with him?” Matilda raised a speculative eyebrow.

Ben chuckled, ducking his head. “No, I don’t. What do we do?”

“Sentience has it all set up. She’ll make the connection, boost our signal by tapping into the Trimagnite pockets. The Elder has shown her how already. Then the Elder and Felix will guide us from there. Simple as that.”

“Where do we have to go?” Ben was still trying to take in details.

“We go to the Sentience’s control room and do what we’re told,” Wil replied.

Ben nodded. A few years ago, before coming on this trip, he’d have thought anyone completely psychotic for suggesting such a thing. Now, it didn’t sound crazy, it sounded like the best possible way for him to contact Emme.

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from The Kahlea by Dellani

character-quotes-imageSpinning angrily, Yktobo rushed blindly toward her, too furious to pay close attention. Her left hand reached out, grabbing a handful of his flailing tentacles. She brought her right in high and fast, slapping him in the face.

Surprised, Yktobo ceased his attack. “What was that?”

“It’s called a slap, you old fool,” Itza countered happily.

“I know what it is, woman, but a slap on the cheek won’t kill a Kahlea.”

“You told me to use the unexpected,” Mai giggled.

“Did you expect that, Yktobo?” Itza asked, hardly masking her amusement.

“If you don’t take this seriously, why are you here? Be gone, we’re done for the day!”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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The Kahlea front
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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Indian Summer Revisited by Dellani

character-quotes-image“So,” Clay said after Malin bought the coffee. “The girl?”

“What about her?”

Malin took a sip of his drink, the hot liquid searing the inside of his throat as he tried to evade Clay’s question.

“Has she got a name?”

“I think it’s Carina.”

“You think?”

“We weren’t exactly introduced, bro.”

“How did you meet?”

“She ran into me at the stairs.”

“So, you say, Hi, I’m Malin. Nice to meet you. Simple.”

“No, I literally ran into the girl. Knocked her flat on her heart-shaped ass.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Lord Roeder’s Mine by Dellani

character-quotes-imageLord Roder’s Mine is a prequel to my sci-fi series.

“Not a damn thing wrong, Captain Tarvo,” the tech reported half an hour later.

“What’s he acting like that for, then?”

“From what I could tell, the only thing out of place is a super elevated serotonin level.”

“So, you’re telling me that the best Trimagnite miner on my staff is whacked on happy hormones?” The Captain muttered, rubbing his balding pate with one hand while the other tapped irritably on his chair console.

“I wouldn’t have said it that way,” the technician looked a little miffed. He liked being precise. “But that’s in effect what it amounts to.”

“Thanks,” The Captain signed off on the compact computer screen and handed the medical scanner to the tech. “Keep him monitored for twenty-four hours.”

“Already done, sir. Doctor Macy took care of it personally. I think this has her spooked a bit too, sir. She’s never seen anything like it.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Poplar Mountain by Dellani

character-quotes-imagePoplar Mountain is a romantic suspense set in the Kentucky Mountains in 1939.

Patty was quiet the entire way home. Once in awhile, she sighed happily, but she didn’t say a word. Lucius and Dollie tried to talk, but her complete silence made them want to whisper. When the truck stopped, Patty didn’t wait for Lucius to open the door. She got out and walked into the apartment, leaving them alone. Lucius chuckled as he watched her.

“One day, I hope I love a woman so well, she’s speechless.”

Dollie punched him—hard. “Are all men like that?”

“Like what?” He rubbed his arm, genuinely puzzled.

“Only interested in one thing?”

He bridled slightly. “Dollie, if all I wanted from you was sex, you’d be naked.”

She gasped, scooting away from him. Past the point of caring what he said or what she thought of it, he continued.

“I love you, Dorothea Belloit. So much, it makes me damn crazy. I like to hope you love me too. And one day, I’d like you to marry me. But I’m so afraid I’m gonna say somethin’ wrong, I hardly know what to say. You don’t leave room for a man to breathe, Dollie.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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