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Character Quotes from Portrait of Love by Dellani

character-quotes-image“I will meet him. Even if you refuse to introduce me, I’ll find him myself. You know I will. If he’s as honest and kind as you say he is, he won’t mind meeting your brother. If he’s a horses ass, he will,” Henry snapped.

“You expect him to be an ass already,” Gemma sounded a bit sullen.

“I do, yes.”

“You’re being completely unfair, Henry.”

“I’m being cautious, Gemma. There are unscrupulous men out there ready to pounce on a helpless young woman of wealth.”

“You make me sound like a damp tissue. I’m not weak. I’m not helpless.”

“In a world full of men, you are. Invite him to dinner tonight. Eight o’clock.”

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“Ya know Stella, you’re usually an astute woman but right now you are down to two brain cells and they are limping.  I am only going to say this once so listen closely! You can shove your eulogy! I don’t know the guy. The other tenants aren’t being forthcoming with details except for stuff I refuse to put in a tribute to the dead man. I also don’t have the time for this crap and it’s not my job.”


Pete managed to garble out some words, “Let go Walter!”


“Yeah Walter, let him go so he can beg. I want to hear him grovel before I teach him a lesson in punctuality of payments and a thing or two about loyalty.”


Walter let go, but pushed Pete to a submissive kneeling position in front of Lewis Parker. Mr. Parker had helped himself to a kitchen chair and was leaning his forearms across the back of it, so he was eye to eye with his prey.


“Now, Pete when I tell you a date by which I need a payment, it is not a suggestion, it’s pretty much set in stone.”


“I know Lew.” Pete uttered.


“Let’s not get too familiar here, it’s not a social call. We’re discussing your unwillingness to cooperate and not having a beer at Tony’s.”


“Fine …. Mr. Parker!” Pete spat out. “I’m sorry I’m late, but I got laid off. You know, no work no pay.” Pete was letting his sarcasm slip out. He knew it might get him killed to say too much, but these goons were annoying him by not listening. If he had to go out, he would go out fighting.


“I’m not interested in the excuses Peter. Just pay what you owe and I’ll be out of your hair.”


“And if I don’t?” There went his mouth again but he couldn’t help it.


“Well that’s easy really, if you refuse to pay I’m going to let Walter here take a few chunks out of your hide.”


Peter had made the mistake of not taking Mr. Parker seriously and Walter went to work on him.


Peter took the beating as a sign not to mess with these people again. Mom always told him gambling was the work of the devil and damn it if she wasn’t right.


“Ok, this is getting old really fast. Do you have an odd fixation with following tourists around? Or are you just being a jerk?”


“Mrs. Fitz, dear, no need for a meltdown. I just happen to be at the same photo kiosk as you “


“Ya, I bet!”


“Oh my, someone is paranoid.” he laughed, “Maybe you really are guilty of that guy’s murder and used the road kill scenario as a cover up. Maybe, you staged it to divert attention. I may have to take my thoughts on this to the detective on the case.”


People were staring at us and backing away out of the store. The police officer was in his civvies and couldn’t do anything at that point.  He was grinning evilly, thinking he was getting the better of me.


I stood straight up, “Too late Fife, we’ve been cleared of all charges so don’t even go there.”


His weasel-like face turned bright red, “Quit calling me Fife, my first name isn’t even Barney! It’s Dave, Dave Meecham. With that he turned and stomped away from the kiosk.



Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Savage Heart by Dellani

savage heart coverSavage Heart is the much anticipated (and demanded) sequel to my historical romance, Indian Summer. Set in the early summer of 1740, Gabriella and Manuel are now happily (or maybe not so happily) married.

The bright, green eyes missed little. Touching him fleetingly, she drew his attention. “What makes you sad?” It was strange how she said it, emphasis strong on the pronoun. She knew her own grief, but his sorrow puzzled her.

“Something very hard to explain,” he said.

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quote from So Much It Hurts by Dellani


You get your shower, I’ll get mine, and I’ll come get you in thirty minutes?” Flynn asked.

Sounds good,” Pia said.

We could share,” he suggested, giving her a wink as he leaned closer.

Dream on.”

Oh, I will.” Giving her a last look, he backed out the door and swung it shut.

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Character Quotes from Star Crossed by Dellani

Star Crossed coverBen hopped in his truck and went to find a parking place. “What are you doing?” he asked himself out loud. “Are you insane? You keep rescuing this woman. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be her best friend and pretty soon you’ll be drinking Chai tea and talking about periods!” He was tempted to bang his head on the steering wheel, but didn’t want to leave a mark.

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Character Quotes from Ben Drexel by Dellani

character-quotes-imageThis is a prequel in my Lone Wolf sci-fi series and hasn’t got a proper title yet. I simply named it after Ben Drexel, who is the focus of the story.

“I’ll give it to you, Drexel, you sure know how to make yourself f**king popular.”

“It’s a gift, sir.” He couldn’t suppress a slight grin.

The Colonel laughed. “I can’t keep bailing you out, kid. Try to keep a lid on it, huh?”

“Sorry, sir. I don’t know what got into me. He said the wrong thing and I overreacted. I swear, I didn’t think I’d hit him that hard.”

“He’ll be fine, Marine. I’m just glad I was here to talk Captain Hazelrig out of canning your ass. General Trovato doesn’t like his son to be mistreated.”

“I suppose that’s true of fathers in general,” Ben said.

“I dunno, mine was pretty sure I needed a good beating,” the Colonel said. “Think you can keep out of trouble now?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll try, sir.”

“Good. VanLipsig,” the man said, holding out his hand. “If you need me to bail you out again—well, don’t. But we’ll be seeing one another again.”

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Checkmate by Dellani

character-quotes-imageDane nodded. “A boring ass reception for the contestants. You can’t believe how incredibly dull they are. All they talk about is chess.”

She wrinkled her nose. “Erg. Not my cup of tea.”

“Good, if it was, I planned to make an excuse and ditch you. Chess geeks bore me.”

“Aren’t you one?”

He laughed loudly. “Do I look like one?” He stood up, flinging his arms wide as he spun in a tight circle.

Milla giggled, nearly spewing her coffee. “No, I must admit that you don’t. I could imagine you on the stage flexing and posing before I’d think you were a chess player.”

“You already did that.”

“Yes, I did,” she admitted with a blush. “Sorry.”

“But just so you know, all this, no steroids.” He dropped in his seat.

“Good! I hear they make your dick shrink to nothing.” She realized what she had implied with that remark and did a face palm. “Oh, God,” she mumbled. “Sorry.”

Dane laughed too hard to respond. Frode tried not to, but he couldn’t help himself.

“Do you always put your foot in your mouth like that?” Dane finally managed to ask.

“Always. Has nothing whatever to do with the fact your gorgeous. Oh, shit, I did it again.” She dropped her head it to the table. “Good job, Milla. Way to make a first impression.”

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Beach Babe by Dellani

character-quotes-imageSo, I saw the scene too. And I’m jealous as hell.”

Why’s that?”

Because I know there’s no way I can follow that performance. I’m good, but I’m not that good. He lifted you and carried you ten feet to the bed. I could lift you, Fiona, but not carry you that far. I need to hit the free weights. Dude!” He shook his head, black hair flying around his face. “And the ass. I know my ass doesn’t look that good on camera.”

You sound like such a girl,” I teased.

Hugo chuckled and I knew he’d done it on purpose. He was a little intimidated by Dechlan, though, I could tell.

It’s okay, Hugo. I couldn’t lift you either.”

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Ring Up the Curtain by Dellani

character-quotes-image“My folks got all kinds of creative with me. Colt Winchester Remington. Can you tell I’m from Texas?”

Shaine giggled at his wry expression. “You had all kinds of fun growing up, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it was either become an actor or hire on as a rodeo rider. Since I didn’t much fancy getting my balls stomped by a bucking bronco, I chose acting.”

Shaine laughed hard, wiping her eyes.

“I didn’t think it was that funny.”

“I was picturing,” she giggled. “Oh, what I was picturing! Instead of broncos, actors get stomped on by directors, agents and costumers. You are totally at the mercy of everyone.”

“Thanks for that real uplifting vote of confidence, Miss Shaine. Next time I need my delicate ego stomped on, I’ll know who to call.”

“You with a delicate ego? You’re so confident, we could fill up a room.”

Colt shifted in his chair, replying with casual quietness. “Well, I am a pretty good actor. Maybe that’s for show.”

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Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Over the Edge by Dellani

character-quotes-image“I think now is a good time to put some rules in place,” he said as he approached them. “I’m not your father. But as the one responsible for you both, I give you this to think about. How would your fathers react if they saw you like that?”

Natasha and Billy exchanged a look, a hot flush of red suffusing their faces.

“Exactly. I don’t mind some kissing, because I know it’s inevitable. However, no groping,” he looked pointedly at Billy. “That goes for you both,” his eyes switched to Natasha. “And God forbid you do anything more.” He scowled. “Because God’s wrath will be nothing compared to mine. Not under this roof and not when you are under my care. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Kolya,” Billy replied politely.

Natasha nodded, slightly ashamed of herself. She knew better, but there was something so delightfully compelling about Bilal. She couldn’t describe what it was, but she delighted in having him hold and kiss her.

“What’s a nod, Tasha? I can’t hear a nod. A nod is too easy to renege. Speak.”

“I understand,” she said politely.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what shall we do with our day?”

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