Christmas’ of the Past Spark Children’s Poetry: From Wee Three: Innocence and Wonder by Marta Moran Bishop

When the world and I were young, Sears had a Christmas wish book catalog that came in the mail each year. All the children in town would scan it from top to bottom and pick out our favorite items we wished Santa would deliver.
Our family was very poor, and from tall to small we all believed that somehow our wishes would come true. But, had we been good enough that year or would Santa give us nothing but coal in our stocking as our mother would say in the weeks leading to Christmas.
Yet each year, somehow Santa showed up and under the tree Christmas morning would lie piles of toys for each of us. It is difficult to remember just how we knew which pile was our pile of toys for they were not wrapped nor were there any name tags on them. But we knew.
Did we get the things we had hoped for? That is anyone’s guess for the Christmas wish book was long gone by Christmas Day, and we were happy with what we received. I don’t believe there was ever a disappointed face among any of us.
The poem ‘Christmas’ that was narrated by Lori VanScyoc from my Children’s book Wee Three: Innocence and Wonder is from these Christmas memories. It is available in Kindle, Audio (at iTunes, Audible, Amazon) Paperback at Barnes&Noble and Amazon.com and now in CD at http://www.martamoranbishop.com.
It was mastered in CD so that the little ones can pick up the book and read along or listen as they are going to sleep.
This little video was made so you can enjoy the poem ‘Christmas.’

Innocence and Wonder audio cd


Memories of Christmas Past – ‘Carols’ from Wee Three: Innocence and Wonder

Memories of Christmas’ past flood my mind the closer it gets to December 25th. The house filled with music, the smell of freshly baked bread and cookies. Sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cookies with sparkles, and those without filling the air with an aroma that begged us all to steal a bit of batter if nothing else was available.

The freshly cut tree stood in the corner awaiting its lights and decorations. Dad would always do the lights; he’d never have allowed anyone else that job and mom would sit and watch us hang the ornaments upon it. She’d point out each bare spot in need of an ornament, and one of us would rush to fill that lonely place.

I don’t remember much about dinners when I was very young; my thoughts were all on what was in the packages and if Santa would bring us presents that year. Oh, I knew that he had never forgotten us, but just because we were poor didn’t mean that someone else wasn’t more in need of his gifts.

Later on, after the tree was all brightly lit, the ornaments and tinsel hung, all nine of us sat around the tree and sang. We sang the songs from days of yore, and those that were newly released. We Three Kings, Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, Sleigh Bells Ring, and of course Away in the Manger as well as many others were sung. A few of us could sing on key, most of us did the best we could, and the littlest just hummed along.

From these memories came the children’s poem ‘Carols’ from Wee Three: Innocence and Wonder.