Any author, artist, musician, or actor should always promote themselves and their projects, be it a book, new painting, a musical piece or themselves as an actor. While there are many ways of doing this, one way is to have a professionally done trailer.

Every book should have its own trailer, or if it is a series a multi-book trailer. Each video should be eye-catching, not too long or too short. It should give enough of the book to pique the interest of a prospective buyer. If the desire is to promote yourself as an author, one should also promote a book or books while doing it. It is difficult to only help yourself without adding what you write into it.

An actor can use clips of him/herself in various roles, adding headshots, and text into the trailer to show themselves capable of many characters, thus promoting themselves further.

A musician can use this same tool to both promote themselves and a new piece; they have for sale. As with a book, the musician should have the trailer project a part of what the music means or allow the use of the piece in book trailers, artist trailers, or actors work, with credits and links given. Thereby, promoting their work, an another’s, and bring a sense of the what a piece of music can emotionally provide a prospective buyer.

Now the big question is, what do you do with it, once it’s finished? Put it up on a blog, website, post and repost on social media, some sights such as your Amazon page allows you to post videos too. Use it in conjunction with a blurb from a review. But, don’t just sit there and hope it will do something all by itself. As with a new piece of music, a new book, an original painting, it won’t do much without you promoting it.

If you are now asking yourself why? The answer is, first why not? Then look at the commercials that successful movies, authors, musicians do. Even those with huge names, such as James Patterson, Russell Crowe, JK Rowlings etc. All do tours, interviews, and commercials to help promote their work.

Now the question is, should I do it myself or hire someone? Well, that depends on both your pocketbook and your talent with computer programs. There are a variety of professionals that make these products at affordable prices, but some of that will depend upon what you want. If you are looking for a short movie to show your work that will be pricey, as it costs a lot to hire crews, actors, get locations etc in an attempt to create your project. Though there are ways they can use bits of animation that isn’t cartoonish, interlaced with slides that will bring some of the same effect without breaking the bank. If you are going to attempt to do it yourself, which you can, there are some free movie programs on the market. But most might not provide a real professional look to your project, as they are geared to put only slides and text, with a simple transition into the project. Here again, it depends on your expertise and how creative you wish to be.

But the biggest thing is to use it as any marketing tool. Keep using it, just as James Patterson commercials repeatedly hit the air. Not just once, but multiple times. When a new movie is coming out, it doesn’t just show one ad and hope everyone will see it.

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A Book Trailer or Not

There are many views on having a book trailer or not having one and it is a personal decision. Many book trailer companies make very high-quality trailers, and some do actual film trailers to excite people’s interest in your book. The biggest problem with the actual film trailers is they are so pricey that it will make one think twice or three times about having a trailer. They can run more than 1000 dollars. Yes, it would be wonderful to have that kind of trailer, but you would probably be as well off to promote the trailer through social media, even if it means spending a few dollars on that promotion.

These trailers have as much chance of having people view them as do any other trailer.

One thing to keep in mind is that the days of just a slide show of book photos and a few interesting transitions from one slide to another are gone, make sure you pick good music, have something in the intro to draw potential buyers into looking at the trailer and with luck buying your book. Put it up on your website or FB author page, pin it to the top of the page, and above all talk about your book.

Some authors are doing videos to sell themselves instead of their books, this can be a good thing if you are branding yourself as an author, but keep it to Instagram or another short format. Above all keep the trailer short, all too many lose interest after a few seconds or a minute, unless the music fits the trailer, and enough is going on that your prospective buyer forgets the time when watching the trailer.

Along with the more traditional trailer, there are now teasers both animated and filmed. A book trailer is an excellent way to promo an up and coming book, to get the interest of buyers before the book ever hits print.

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Book Trailer for Religion of Trees by Lisa L Borm

A wonderfully written novella of the connections between the birthday trees and the residents of Harding Street. Ms. Borm’s novella tells of the growth, love, loss, tragedies, connections, and reconciliations that happen to the children who are given the birthday trees and their connection to them.

It is spiritual, magical, thought-provoking, and worth the read.