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Character Quotes from Study of Love by Dellani

character-quotes-imageIn the parking lot, Tim saw Evie walking toward her car with a bagger in tow. The young man trailed behind, admiring her finely sculpted ass. Tim’s hackles rose and he wanted to pound the younger man in to the pavement. Realizing how silly he was being, he didn’t approach, until he noticed his car was only a few down from hers.

You said seven this evening, right?” he asked unnecessarily. The time was etched on his memory.

Yes. You remember the address?”


Evie smiled and popped the lid to the truck. Tim’s smile turned smug when she wasn’t looking. The bagger glared at him.

See you at seven,” she called before closing her door.

Tim waved, grinning at her as she drove past him. The bagger gave him another dirty look, which Tim ignored.

I got you, you twat. That woman there—all mine.” It finally struck him what he’d done. He’d laid claim to a woman he really shouldn’t have.

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Death Comes to Call by Dellani

character-quotes-image“How fun!” Cymbeline said. “Who have you played with?”

He named off several bands, none of whom she knew, but Jefferson seemed familiar with them. “My grandsons like their music. Mostly blues and soft jazz, Missus.”

“Why do you call her that?” Polly asked. “Isn’t that kind of an old fashioned term?”

Jefferson’s lips twitched. “Well, when I was a boy, I worked here with my father. Miss Cymbeline was a tiny thing, maybe four or five. Neither of us could get our tongues around her name, so I called her Leenie. As we got older, it became Miss Leenie. When she lived here as a young bride—”

“Married to my first husband,” Cymbeline interjected. “John Culpepper Worthington.”

“Yep, him,” Jefferson couldn’t conceal his disgust. “He insisted I call her Mrs. Worthington.”

“We were still Jeff and Leenie in private, but he started calling me Missus to tease me. It stuck. Now, he’s so old, he can’t remember my name half the time.”

Jefferson chuckled. “You know, they say that you remember the things you’re fond of and forget the things you aren’t.” He winked at her.

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Driving Blind by Dellani

character-quotes-imageI assume you didn’t see the herbivore again?”

No. I was a little disappointed though. It was our third date and I really hoped to get lucky.”

Well, ya know, she wasn’t a meat eater,” Zenobia said with a smirk. “Probably wouldn’t have been that much fun.”

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Among the Shine Clan, Dellani Oakes

Among the Shine Clan – Part 15 by Dellani

among the shine clan coverAlthough they haven’t found Pete Livingston, Deacon thinks me might be at the top of Shine Peak. He takes Fiddlestix to the fire station so they can fly in via a two man flitter.

No questions, just instant response. No one knew what he was planning, but they didn’t second guess his orders. Fiddlestix had to admire that about him, as well as his people.

“We’ll fly in,” he told her. “Can you handle a two man flitter, Master Sergeant?”

“Rating ten, General.”

“Great. I’m only an eight. You fly.”

“As the general wishes,” she winked.

At the fire station, they ran up the steps of the fire tower. Saunders had a small, two man flitter set up and ready to go. The small ultralight looked like a skeletal bug, but it was fast, highly maneuverable and silent. They put on helmets and goggles and took off. Deacon showed her where to circle around and land on top of Shine Peak where they were less likely to be seen.

“If he’s in the room itself, he’s blind. No monitors work up there. If he’s outside, he can still be partially shielded. The scanners won’t work right there, not with all that power flowing through it.”

“What does that cloak do? My people disappeared. But even cloaked, they’d be able to hear me and respond.”

“They get held in a slow motion field. They won’t hear your voice until sometime next week.”


“It’s like a stasis field, but takes less power to maintain and leaves less of a footprint.”

“I see,” but she really didn’t at all.

“You trust me, Hannah?”

Fiddlestix blinked. Did she? “Yes.”

“Good.” He kissed her and disappeared. He reappeared behind her. “Portable. Only a few of us have them. That’s how we snuck up on you in the woods.”

He took her hand firmly, pulling her close. He hit a button on his communicator and a shimmering wall surrounded them. She could see through it, but it was like the entire world had slowed down. They weren’t affected.

“How’d you do that?”

“Slight modification. We are cloaked, but can move. Don’t talk though. We’re invisible, not inaudible.”

Picking their path carefully, they approached the top of the mountain. In a small clearing, she saw Pete Livingston. He gazed intently at something in his hands, occasionally laughing slightly hysterically.

“I know you’re there, Hannah Braun. I know, know, know!” he giggled, turning in slow circles, looking for them. “Yes, yes. I know! Come out, come out wherever you are!” He pointed directly at them, eyes wide with maniacal glee.

Deacon said nothing. Walking in a slow arc, he moved to the other side of Livingston. Putting her finger to her lips, Fiddlestix let go of his hand. She immediately reappeared facing the psychotic handler.

“Look, look! There you are! I knew it! Can’t fool Pete. Nope, nope, nope!”

“I’m here to take you back, Pete. McLain’s plan has failed. We’re taking your men out.”

“Code’s not working anymore is it?” He giggled loudly. “Not anymore!” He teased, waving the small computer in his hands. Dancing around in a circle, he giggled again. “They’re almost to the doors now,” he sounded almost rational. “Very soon it will all be over. We’ll take the compound and kill them all off. Yes, we will! And you’ll be blamed! You’ll face court marshal, yes you will! Marshal court, court marshal! Then won’t you be sorry, sorry, sorry that you insulted General McLain! Because only he can save you!”

“I’m gonna kill you, Pete. I’ll end you. Right here, right now.”

“Nope, nope! Not gonna end like that. I’m gonna kill you!” He hopped and danced, chanting, “I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you!”

Fiddlestix had enough. Grabbing her handgun from her belt, she fired at Pete’s head. Point blank range, the bullet never left her gun. She was slowed in a time field. Caught in the same cloak as her people, she could only stand there feeling like a fool, gun raised and ready.

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Between Friends by Dellani

character-quotes-imageDiscussing their plans and what movies they wanted to rent, they walked back to his apartment. He drove to the Winn Dixie, not far away, and examined the Red Box while she went in to shop. About halfway through the store, he joined her. With a grin and a kiss, he dropped the movies beside her purse.

“That’s way more than we need,” she said.

“They were doing a special, rent one, get one. I didn’t realize it until I got to the checkout page and it told me to get three more. So I have movies for the next week.” He shrugged. “You can watch them with me. That’s if you want to.” Keenan was so odd sometimes. So full of confidence, then alternately so shy.

“I’d like to. And that was a nice invitation too.” Sharilyn kissed him playfully.

“I suppose this is a booze free fest tonight?”

“Yeah. I know we aren’t going anywhere, but she ought to have one stable adult in her life, don’t you think?”

“Meaning me or you?” He pointed to each of them. “Cause, I dunno, sometimes you’re a freak, babe.”

Sharilyn punched his shoulder and he laughed at her.

“Okay, all the time a freak, but that’s my final offer.”

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Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200

Character Quotes

Character Quotes from So Much It Hurts by Dellani

character-quotes-imageOh, we’re playing tour guides tomorrow. That cool?” Flynn said.

Yeah. Oh, shit. No. I have to shadow what’s-his-f**k at the thingy downtown,” Yancy said.

Flynn laughed hard, nearly spewing his beer. “I’m sure Ian Yarrow would love to be called what’s-his-f**k to his face. You should try that and see how it flies.”

Smart ass.”

My ass is very smart, thanks. And talented.” He gyrated slowly, ending with a little bump forward.

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Bet on Love by Dellani

character-quotes-image“She took up with your partner right after, huh?”

“How did you guess?”

“Cause anyone who would dump a guy like you would have to be one crazy bitch. And only a crazy bitch would hook up with a total douchebag like your ex-partner.”

Zane laughed loudly. Putting his hand over his mouth, he quieted himself. “God, that’s too funny. Where did that even come from?”

“It seemed logical. I bet your business is worth a lot of money. You probably had a pre-nup that prevented Psycho-Barbie from getting her hands on it if you divorced. However, if you got arrested for something, like—say, international smuggling—your part of the business reverted to her and Disco-Billy. Am I close?”

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Love Among the Lumber by Dellani Oakes

character-quotes-imageAs Arden dug through the books, her cell rang. It was her mother.

“Hiya, Mom.”

“How was your first class?”

“It went well. Interesting bunch.” She filled her in on Parka and the rest.

“A boy who’s named after a coat?”

“It’s a joke. How’s sis?”

“Your sister is having a heavy drama day,” her mother said with a pinched sniff. “I honestly don’t know what to do with the child.”

“I told you. Spray her down with the garden hose.”

“And listen to her screech about her hair? Not on your life.”

“You could tape her mouth shut with duct tape.”

“Might try that,” her mother said with a laugh.

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Trifecta – A Russell Cavanaugh Mystery by Dellani

character-quotes-image“I want you to be godfather. We both do. You will, right?”

“I’d be honored. If I ever have kids, I want you to do the same.”

“Need a woman first.”

“Don’t remind me!” He chuckled, shaking his head. “I can’t believe you’ve reproduced. That’s got to be some sort of sick cosmic joke. I hope the kid looks like his mother.”

“Oh, ha ha. We tall, redheaded Irish boys are a dying breed.”

“I’m just as Irish as you are.”

“But you’re Dark Irish. That doesn’t count.”

“Oh, so I’m some sort of fake Irishman because I’m not a ginger?” He laughed loudly. This was a conversation they’d had many times before.

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Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Posed for Love by Dellani

character-quotes-image“So close this time, so close.” Reed hung his head sighing deeply.

I put my arms around him, kissing him gently on the cheek. “Soon, my love,” I whispered. “Get dressed or the police will think you’re being naughty.”

“I am being naughty, just not as much as I wanted to be. By now, I had hoped to be transporting you to many levels of delight, reveling in the sins of the flesh.”

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