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If You Talk to Yourself You Might Be a Genius

from The Epoch Times  

1. Thinking Outside the Box

2. Multitasking

3. Positivity

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Generally speaking, people who self-narrate are better able to maintain a positive outlook on life than those who bottle everything up inside. Negativity can shake our self-belief as we navigate life and its challenges. Positive pep-talking yourself, then, will swing you from negativity to positivity.

There is something life-affirming about self-talking and swinging your mood to a more favorable setting. Without a doubt, negative energy begets negative energy. Those who are of a positive mindset receive positive energy back and enjoy a more productive and happier life.

It is all about self-esteem and being your cheerleader. Self-talking avoids beating yourself up about stuff that you probably couldn’t control anyway. Instead, give yourself a break and provide yourself with some positive feedback. It is a significant feel-good factor and helps put matters into perspective. Life is complicated enough without occasionally putting a positive spin on your life. There is always a silver lining should you choose to look hard enough.

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MORE about Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair

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Page 9 from GEORDIE And The BEAM OF LIGHT by JD Holiday

“The sign didn’t work?” Geordie asked.


“It knocked it down!” Cordelia cried.

“It didn’t even slow down so we could see what it was racing by!” Chirp complained.

“It does too fast to see,” Kit offered.

Ruff was so mad that RRrrrrrr was the only sound he could make.

1AA PAGE9 DONE signed for online_bak

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Character Quotes: from Janoose The Goose

Character Quotes: from Janoose The Goose by J.D. Holiday

30950-goose2bcover2b8x2b102bpicture2bbook2b22bjpgWe had a volunteer farm watch program once, but everyone kept forgetting to be on the lookout for problems just like this,”  Austin reminded everyone.

“Well, as long as Janoose is here we can all rest easy knowing she’ll sound the alarm,”  Gertie said.

“That’s right,”  Catcella said.

Janoose frowned. “Oh, but I won’t be here. I have to go home. And the last flight is tomorrow,” she told them. “Maybe you can be the security guard here?” Molly said.

“No,” Catcella said knowingly, “There is no money for that job.”

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Interview with Author Dellani Oakes

Author Dellani Oakes talks about her books: Lone Wolf & Shakazan. 

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Conduct Unbecoming: A Teague McMurty Novel 

Among her published works are: The Ninja Tattoo and Under the Western Sky. Plus Indian Summer, Lone Wolf and Shakazan which were published by Second Wind Publishing. Dellani also self-published a romantic suspense novel, Conduct Unbecoming which came out October 3 of this year.

The Maker, Book 3 in the Lone Wolf Series was published in 2015. She hosts two shows right here on Red River Radio Network – Dellani’s Tea Time the second Monday of each month, @ 4:00 PM Eastern and What’s Write for Me, every fourth Wednesday @ 4:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.

Lone Wolf

The year is 3032 and mankind has expanded far beyond Earth’s galaxy. Matilda Dulac is a member of the Galactic Mining Guild. With her lover, Marc Slatterly, she works in a small mining ship in deep space. Their well ordered life if suddenly thrown into chaos when one miner arrives with a load of Trimagnite, a highly toxic liquid ore. Enter the Lone Wolf. Wil VanLipsig, known as the Lone Wolf, arrives to take the Trigmagnite off their hands. Is it a coincidence for him to show up on Marc’s ship years after Marc thought he’d killed Wil? Or is this the beginning of something far more insidious? The Lone Wolf is book in a new science fiction series by Dellani Oakes.


Beginning where Lone Wolf left off, we join Wil VanLipsig and Matilda Dulac as they continue their epic sci-fi adventure. John Riley is gone. He disappeared with the help of an ancient transportation device. They hope he’s dead, but can’t count on it. He’s far too dangerous.

With the help of some new friends, they trek across the galaxy, venturing further into deep space. They arrive at a long forgotten planet – Shakazhan, heart of a legendary warrior race, The Timokuan.

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Living In The Back Up Plan, Part 6 by JD Holiday

Living In The BackUp Plan, Part 6 by JD Holiday


All Rights Reserved.

© JD Holiday 2020

 Danie walked to the car park never noticing the autumn day. The weather was miserable, breezy with a light rain. She could only think about that in her mind Joe was special. She wasn’t sure when she’d come to that belief but it might have started that first night at the bar staring at his drop-dead gorgeous face and witnessed his sense of humor. Just being near Joe, or thinking about him and his lean appealing body, just the very way he stood had that air of confidence and sensuality caused her a certain tingle in places she never felt before.
Once in the rented Mini Cooper, Danie drove to the detective agency. There were no parking spots out front. A dark blue Rolls Royce sat at the curb parallel with the office. The chauffeur stood beside it talking on a cell phone.
She drove around to the narrow access road in back of the terrace house
and parked the Mini. The access road was lined with trees Danie recognized, a mix of Scot’s Elms Ash and Chestnut. Much of their wet leaves strewn all over and some fluttering in the November wind gusts. Danie pulled her umbrella out of her tote bag and got out. That’s when she saw the two men holding umbrellas standing down the road looking her way. They immediately looked elsewhere.

         She approached the eight-foot-tall brick wall in several shades of sunset red. She judged it to have been built centuries ago and by the look of it kept in good condition. A few repairs were noticeable on both sides of its gate no doubt done sometime in the recent past.
Danie hurried to the arched-top cedar gate, inserted the key Cyril gave her in the lock and went through the spent garden to the terrace house’s ground-level door. She heard the drumming of a hammer along with the buzz of an electric saw coming from inside. The sounds grew louder once she unlocked the door and stepped into the house where the aroma of brewed coffee permeated the dated well-kept kitchen. Danie spied a large pot of coffee sitting on the Hoover cooker. Three pastry boxes were stacked on the table next to a group of mugs and plates.
Men’s voices came from the main hallway mixing with the pounding and droning din. Danie glanced through the open kitchen door. Cyril’s back was to her and a well-dressed man in a black overcoat holding a cap in one hand, nearly Cyril age, or maybe sixty, was bent over petting Reilly. A third man more casually dressed with a great amount of dark black hair and large in stature stood nearby with a pleasant grin on his face. As she closed the back door the dog turned and ran to her. 

              Seeing Danie, Cyril remarked, “No mention of our business today.”

              “Ah, the lady Joe likes,” Anton remarked while watching her approach, grinning broadly.

              Danie greeted Reilly bending down to try and calm him.

              “Danie,” Cyril called to her motioning her forward.

              She looked up and regarded the group.

              Danie walked toward the hallway, Reilly bouncing around beside her. The carpentry sounds were coming from below in the cellar. The door to it was on her left under the main staircase in the front hallway.
“I want you to meet Sir Jeremy Rimble and Anton Drakos,” Cyril said.
Danie shook hands with both men as Sir Jeremy said, “So glad to meet you. Cyril has said very nice things about you.”
Danie glanced at Cyril. “Oh, I’m hoping I can live up to it,” she said, her smile widened. “He is very generous that is for sure.”
“That he is,” said Sir Jeremy, “He is always truthful.”
They heard steps coming up from the basement. The door opens and a young man in paint-splattered overalls join them.
Reilly greeted him like an old friend. “Cheers Reilly,” the newcomer said as the dog jump up onto his chest.
“Boy, get down,” Danie said, reaching for Reilly’s collar.
The young man touched the dog’s head replying, “It’s quite all right. Reilly is a good helper. We debugged the whole place together, didn’t we boy.”
Danie frowned. “Debug?”
Cyril inserted to avoid explaining the reasons for debugging the house and its relationship to Joe. “Danie, this is John Simon. He is another if our superb detectives. He’s working on some repairs we are making. Reilly’s been following him around.”
Following suit, Sir Jeremy added, “I heard you work your stocks on the American stock market. We will have to have a talk and exchange notes.”
“Yes, I do, a little. I’m trying to keep my head above water,” Danie said unpretentiously.
Reilly began to fuss and Danie knew the signs. “I should take him for a walk,” she said.

              Danie turned to the cellar door where they hung Reilly’s leash on a hook just inside, but Cyril scrambled to get there first. “Here let me.” He then hooked the dog up. “I have an idea about an apartment for you. We can talk about it later,” he told her.

              Surprised, Danie cringed. They had talked about house hunting, And Cyril offered to go with her. “But I still want to buy a house. I want to look for a cottage, maybe.”

              “Ah, yes, I meant to bring this up. Letting an apartment would be more economical for you, don’t you think?” Cyril said flinching himself.

              Surprised by his remark, Danie drew a sharp breath. She thought Cyril understood her plans. She remarked in disbelief, “Oh, no. I do want to buy a cottage with a yard.”

         “I know that is your plan, I just thought, you know, to start with? Get a feel for life here. Well, we can talk about it later,” Cyril said, his face flushed, aware from Danie’s reaction that he overstepped the limits of their friendship.

         Danie gave a weak smile and nodded in agreement. She turned to go. “Nice to meet everyone.”
The four men watched in silence until Danie close the back door behind her. 

              Cyril exchanged a look with Sir Jeremy.

              Sir Jeremy asked, “Does she have enough money to buy a house?” 

              “Doesn’t appear to me with the amount of money she has that she could afford it,” Cyril replied.

               “And it cost money to live in that hotel,” Sir Jeremy remarked.

              John Simon reached over and open the door to the cellar. And called down the stairs. “It’s clear.”

              A large group of men and women filed out of the cellar most with paint or dust on their clothes.

              Joe was the last in line. Sir Jeremy reached out and shook his hand, “I’m not sure I would have known you dressed as you are,” he said with a grin. “Glad you are here, my boy. This whole situation is just unforgivable to my way of thinking.”

              Joe nodded. “Agreed.”

All Rights Reserved.

© JD Holiday 2020


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Page 1 for Geordie And The Beam of Light

Page 1 for Geordie And The Beam of Light by J.D. Holiday

Cordelia threw the ball. It went flying through the air just missing Chirp, the bird, who had to flutter up to a nearby tree for safety.

As Cordelia ran to the goal line, Ruff, the dog, caught it. “You’re out,” he called.

They heard a loud, POP! POP! POP! followed by a beam of light racing straight for them. They all jumped out of the way and hid as it dashed across their field. The light suddenly turned and rushed back toward the Gully Bridge, then up the hill to the Fir Forest and out of sight.  

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Living In The Back Up Plan, Part 5

Living In The Back Up Plan, Part 5

 All Rights Reserved. © by JD Holiday, 2020


          Danie opened her eyes and looked to her left then around the room. Joe was drawersandmirror8-3-16finished_baknowhere in sight. He was laying next to her when they finally went to sleep. Her next thought was that last night was nothing like it had been with Ben, her only other sexual partner. She found the experience astonishingly satisfying which was an understatement. Danie was carried away by her own response and driving need.

              She looked through the open bathroom door. He’s gone, she noted with an unusual twinge of loss. She wished he had stayed. She hoped he was safe and the danger to him was over.

          Lying back on the pillow she thought about their talk while still curled together on the couch. Joe said he couldn’t stop thinking about her from that moment he met her. She lifted her head off his chest and admitted it was the same for her. They made jokes about how lame they were to not have at least exchanged phone numbers. And the time wasted.

              He said, “My parents told me not to waste time if I find the right person.” A warm glow spread through her as the reality of someone caring for her as much as she did for them. They moved to the bed and made love another time. 

          Later they talked again. He asked about her family. Danie said her parents were dead and her brothers were still living in New Jersey but said no more about the circumstances.

          Joe added that his family still lived in Maryland where he grew up. He acknowledged he hadn’t been back to see them in a while. He paused then before conceding in a strained tone, “When I was growing up my family was everything to me. I have an older sister, and with my parents we did everything together. We were so close I don’t know when the connection was lost.”

              “Sorry.” Danie had murmured not wanting to pry into the sadness she heard in his deep voice. Loss of any kind drew sorrow.

           Danie glanced at her phone on the nightstand. Eight in the morning. Looking over to the coffee table where she left the room key and her purse yesterday she sighed with relief. The key was gone. Joe must have taken it and would be back.

          Her computer made a sound for an incoming video call from one of her brothers. She scrambled out of bed, slipped on her sweat pants and pulled her shirt over her head while rushing to the table in front of the windows and clicked on incoming.                     “Hi Skylar,” Danie shouted while adjusting her shirt. Focusing on her brother’s face Danie held her breath while trying not to cry. 

          “How I miss you,” Skylar rushed to say, then his face crumbled. He turned away a second to collect himself. “Danie, how did things get this bad?”

          She took a moment to fidget with the computer and sat at the table with the windows at her back.

          Danie shrugged and shook her head. “The courts, judges who think they know better,” she said full of resentment. No matter how many times she tried to

answer that question in a reasonable manner she failed. How does she explain to her brother’s the greed and deception of others especially when they are family members? Both boys know, but the whole busy with their aunts was treacherous.

          “You only have a year or so and you’ll be able to live on your own or come be with me. Just concentrate on finishing school and getting into college,” Danie said in an attempt to have him focus on his future.

          Skylar replied, “I don’t know that I can hold on until then.”

          “Something new happen?”

          “Aunt Michelle isn’t going to sell the house as she is supposed to. She wants to live in it. That breaks our agreement doesn’t it?”

          Danie’s blood seemed to be boiling as it surged through her veins. ”Yes, it is,” she said trying to remain calm for his sake. The court had said the house was to be sold and split three ways among the three children. The money from the house was theirs and theirs alone. Neither of their aunts should get anything other than a monthly fee for taking care of Skylar and Leland. “It will still go before that same judge so it probably won’t matter. Let me think about this a bit and we’ll talk again.” She changed the subject, “How is Leland?”  

          The door to the hotel room opened. Joe came in, closed it softly behind him. He was dressed as he was yesterday in his shaggy-look disguise. His eyes were covered by sunglasses, and on his head was a knit hat, his dark brown hair hung out and

haphazardly framed his face. He glanced toward the bed first before turning to see her sitting at the table and a wide grin opened in his scruffy bearded face. Danie smoothed her uncombed hair even knowing that her bob cut almost always looked neat and in place. Joe carried two bags. One was from a local pastries shop, the other was from Starbucks. 

           Skylar continued, “Leland’s okay. He’s just sad but his friends keep him busy. I know they are a bunch of goofballs. But I think that’s good for him. I see him almost every day. I stop by when he’s coming out of school and walking home. Sometimes we go for the soda or something. Then we go home though either of us really think of it as our real homes.” There was a long pause and then he said, “I just feel so removed from you. Our lives. Our old lives.”

               “I know,” she said, “me too.”

              Joe placed the bags on the table and opened the Starbucks one and placed a cup near her. He took the other cup with him and crossed to the windows still out of sight of the computer monitor. Danie opened her coffee, sipped it while she

continued talking to her brother while watching Joe. Joe pushed aside the curtain to peered out. He looked relaxed, self-assured, yet cautious, and definitely sexy.

              She thought back to last night. The two of them, Danie felt, found a thread that could be a lasting one, but right now she feared putting any hope in it. Their bodies seemed to have a natural connection as they tenderly explored one another.

              Joe turned to watch her. Removing his sunglasses he smiled, his brows flickered in amusement. Danie turned back to the computer screen as if she’d been caught spying, as Skylar asked, “How is Reilly? I miss him, too.”

              “He’s good. He’s living with a friend of mine not far from my hotel and he’s really doing well. I’m with him every day. I’m going to get ready and go see him in a few minutes.”

              She stole another look at Joe who continued to intermittently glance out through the curtain while sipping his coffee.

              “I really miss being with him all the time,” her brother said, He added with sadness in his voice, “as much as I miss you. This is so hard. I’ll feel I’ve lost everyone.”

              Danie glanced down. ”I know.” Was all she could say.

              Skylar let out a sigh and added, “Okay, I got to go. I got a date with Amy. You know, that girl who wouldn’t date me? Now she wants to meet me I don’t know why,” he laughed. Danie smiled at that. “Why wouldn’t she? You’re a good-looking great kid.”

              “Yeah, yeah that’s my sister talking. I’ll talk to you later, Danie. Love you.”

              “I love you too, Skylar. Tell Leland I send my love and I’ll talk to you both soon.”

          She smiled at Joe as she fidgeted with closing the app on the computer.

              “One of my brothers. He’s just checking in,” she said for something to say. 

              Joe nodded. “Sounds like he is struggling, too.”

              “Yes,” she admitted.

               Joe sat down next to her. “It’s understandable,” he said opening the bag of pastries. “Are you hungry? I bought us something to eat.”

              Us. A warm thrill raced inside her that Joe voiced how she thought about them.

              Taking the napkins from the bag and placing them on the table as he added, “I have here a strawberry crossover Puff, a cherry almond Danish, a cinnamon twist and a plain scone, in case that’s what you would prefer.”

              She selected the plain scone and Joe took the danish as Danie said, “Thank you.”

              They ate in silence. Danie was unsure of whether they would see each other again and wanted to prolong this time together. All she could think to say was, “Was anybody following you when you were out earlier? I noticed you looking out the window.”

              “No,” he said with a shrug in a matter of fact tone. “Being careful is all.”

              Danie looked down at her phone. It was 9AM. She forced herself to get up. “I really have to get ready. I have to take Reilly for a walk. I can’t really leave the walking of my dog to Cyril all the time.”

              With reluctance, Dana headed for the bathroom stopping to grab a few things out of a suitcase beside the sofa.

              When the bathroom door closed Joe took out his phone. It rang five times and then Cyril was on the line.

              “Thank goodness. I didn’t want to call too early,” Cyril said. “How are you? Are you still with Danie?”

              “Yes, things are fine. Danie’s getting ready. She won’t be long now. She’ll be coming over to take the dog for a walk.”

              “Sir, Jeremy wants to see you. He’s been worried. He’ll be here shortly. We’ll wait till Danie takes Reilly out for a walk and then we’ll have a short meeting.”

Joe sighed. “What can Sir Jeremy do?”

          “He wants to see what he can do to help. Suss it out. We’re working to secure the office building so you would be safe here.”
          “Changing the subject is Anton still here?”
          “Yes, He’s waiting to see Sir Jeremy.
          Joe smiled. “What does he think? He’s going to get a rematch on the chest Game?”
          “I told him that Sir Jeremy had other things to do. He has a meeting at the Palace of Westminster,” Cyril relaid in a posh tone.

              “I don’t think there’s anything we can do. I’ll just have to stay low.”

              “Good God, you can’t do that forever! You aren’t planning to come here with Danie? We have a gate now out back of next door you can be driven into. There are spooks in front and in back. Oh, and Mrs. McMurray is available to come and get you. She’s still in charge of the apartment house next door for us,” Cyril told him.

              “I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be seen with Danie. We don’t need her involved in this,” Joe stated. “I can’t do that forever, but what choice do I have.”

              “Let’s see what Sir Jeremy has to say. Or can come up with,” Cyril sighed and adding, “Danie’s not stupid. She’ll catch on. I haven’t told her anything. But this debacle is happening around her.”

              “Yeah, but we have to keep her out of it if we can. Who knows how they could turn her life more upside down than she’s going through. I’ll call Mrs. Mc to come get me.”

              Hearing the bathroom door open Joe ended the call.

              Danie was dressed in green slacks and a loose multi-color sweater. She grabbed a pair of ankle boots off the floor and stooped to put them on. She hesitated a second after glancing at him still sitting at the table with his legs out-stretched casually, looking at her intently, an amused grin on his face. Or, was it tenderness?

              Eyebrows raise Danie quipped, “What?”

 All Rights Reserved. © by JD Holiday, 2020

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Character Quotes: Geordie And The Beam Of Light by JD Holiday

Character Quotes: Geordie and Cordelia

from Geordie And The Beam Of Light

1AA PAGE7b- DONE girl looking in window SIGNED

Cordelia peeked inside the door of the dark studio. She could not see anything. “What are you working on?” she asked Geordie.
“The greatest invention ever,” Geordie said. “It will be a treat for all of us.”

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Character Quote: from Living In The BackUp Plan, Part 5


Character Quote: from Living In The BackUp Plan, Part 5

“Changing the subject, Anton’s still here. He hopes to talk Sir Jeremy into a Chest rematch,” Cyril told him.

Joe heard the smile in Cyril’s remark. “Anton is determined to win one day. He needs to forget he’s not playing Draughts or checkers that would help.”

Living In The BackUp Plan