Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Between Friends ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes

At the cash register, he paid for the groceries and bought himself a carton of cigarettes. Sharilyn wished he wouldn’t smoke, but she never fussed at him about it. She had no right to control his behavior. Seeming to sense her disapproval, he turned to her.

“You won’t let me drink, I gotta do something.”

“Okay, but….”

“Outside. Yes, ma’am. I know the rules. And if Terri asks me, it’s a dirty, nasty habit and I’m trying to quit. And I am…. Never knew it would be so hard.”

“You need a hobby,” the cashier said.

Keenan chuckled as the woman handed him his change. Raising an eyebrow, he winked at her. “Does sex count?”

Sharilyn blushed, ducking her head as the older woman chuckled.

“You embarrassed your girlfriend, sweetie,” she said with a laugh.

“She’ll survive. As long as I keep the bad boy in action, she’s happy.” He winked at the woman, who laughed louder.

“You know that’s the only reason women forgive men anything, right?”

“For real? Thought she forgave me for my generosity and magnetic personality.”

“That, and what’s in your pants,” the bagger, a guy about his age, added.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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