Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quote from How Original by Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes imageThis is insane. They couldn’t tell me last night? Or send someone else? You can’t tell me Stu’s the only driver. I’m so sorry to put you out like this.”

No problem. It’s on my way. Any clue who the guest star is?”

They didn’t tell me. Some woman, that’s all I know. Wasn’t satisfied with one of the other cars, had to be mine. Apparently, mine is the best, and she wants the best. They’re all the same.” He rolled his eyes, sighing dramatically.

Sounds like a bitch. Should be a real peach to work with.”

Yeah. Lucky you, you have more scenes with her than I do. I’m surprised you didn’t notice.”

I just look for my name. I don’t pay much attention to the character names, just the lines.” Shrugging, he made the turn into the studio lot.

The guard, who knew him and his car, waved him through.

Speaking of my car,” Nathan said. Pointing behind them, he gave a derisive snort.

Can you see in the back seat?” Carl asked as he wove around various obstacles on his way to a parking place.

No. I think I saw a flash of blonde hair, but who knows. Could be freaking Marilyn Monroe, for all I can tell.”

I think you’ll find she’s dead,” Carl replied with a smirk. He pulled into a parking place.

They make you park here with the peons? You should have a spot closer.” Nathan shook his head. “You’re the main supporting actor. These people are f*cked in the head.”

Couldn’t agree more.”

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