downloadAlf and Rich called us after dinner and wanted to come over. They had information or Janet Parsons you Willis and Donna Brown.

Patrick and I welcomed the men an hour later and since it was a nice night we decided to sit on the patio and share a picture of lemonade.

“So,” I said, but curious, “what did you find out?”

Aft decided to speak first “the people you mentioned from the dreams you are having are quite real.”

“You, and there I thought I was losing it.” I chuckled

Al shook his head “no. I even talked to the psychologist music department about the situation. She agreed it was common for amnesia victims to experience repressed memories will not be able to remember their present lives.” He explained

Rich spoke up this time “give it time Carolyn. It’ll come back to you.”

I nodded but said “it’s so…

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