Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Love on the Catwalk by Dellani

character-quotes-image“I’m fine,” Jeff told the EMT. “I just want to get home and spend time with my fiancée.”

“I insist you stay with Belk tonight,” Solange said. “No one needs to drive in this mess. They’re expecting more snow tonight.” As if to emphasize what she said, the first flakes dropped.

We agreed to go to Belk’s lodge for the night. He was delighted to see Jeff and enveloped him in a huge hug.

“If I’d known it was you that had gone missing, I’d have thought of that old place right away. They never told us your names.”

“No wonder it took so long. I couldn’t get a signal to call out on my cell. The radio’s out. It needs repair. Looks like something chewed the wires. The rest of the place is working fine. We spent the first night in the tent. It was late and I knew we couldn’t make it far. I didn’t think we’d be safe in the car, so I moved us. It was pretty warm with five people, but crowded. Lorraine was a trooper, so were the driver and the crew, but that damn photographer whined and complained the entire time. I’m glad you showed up when you did, I was about to put him outside and see how long it took him to die of exposure.” He brushed my hair from my face. “I missed you like hell. I knew you’d be worried, but I couldn’t do anything but sit it out.”

He kissed me deeply. Belk cleared his throat.

“The honeymoon suite is open,” he said with a grin. “Who am I kidding? The entire inn is open. Go.” He waved at us. “Have fun, sleep well.”

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