Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Dark Moon by Dellani

character-quotes-image“It might interest you to know that we have something in common, other than our military affiliation.” He leaned closer. “My totem is the Condor, too.”

Dark Moon leaned forward eagerly. “Really? You aren’t just saying that?”

He squinted at her, frowning. “Why would I?”

“You’ll be surprised what men will say to a woman.”

“You mean a beautiful woman they want to bed.”

Dark Moon flushed, attacking her food with renewed vigor.

Captain Hardaway chuckled. “Sergeant Armstrong, if I were hitting on you, I’d be a lot less public about it. You’re hot as seven kinds of hell, but I like my Captain’s bars.”

Dark Moon chewed and swallowed, her near black eyes focused on his light blue ones.

“Men don’t always care about subtlety, a fact I’m well aware of. If this meal is your idea of a reward, or seduction maneuver, it falls short.”

Hardaway threw his napkin on the table, anger building. His blue eyes sparked green and his complexion reddened. His jaw clenched as he inhaled and exhaled with deliberate slowness.

“I don’t know what bastard worked you, Aja, and I don’t care. As for this being a reward—it’s two colleagues having lunch after a very successful run. The reward I had in mind doesn’t include sex. I was thinking more along the lines of putting your name in for promotion. Of all my students, you’re the best. You performed better your first time in the Cutter than I did and I’ve been a pilot ten years.” He leaned forward, his tie nearly in his plate. He lowered his voice again, to a sharp whisper.

“Do I want to have sex with you? Yeah. I’m a hot blooded man who finds you irresistible. Am I going to? No. You know why? Because a lifetime between your legs isn’t worth my job. Find your own way home, Sergeant.” He stood, tossing money on the table.

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