Ruth Davis Hays

The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One Ruth Davis Hays

The Dawnstone Tale by Ruth Davis Hayes
$1.99 eBook

The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One is the first in in Ruth Davis Hays’ fantasy series. In a world where life is enhanced by magic, the magda rule select territories.

Lylith Antinon is the daughter of a magda, or magic user. A magda herself, she lives alone until a strong compulsion to venture into the unknown brings her out of her comfortable, though lonely, tower. Her innocence of the outside world makes her easy prey for one unscrupulous enough to take advantage.

Traveling alone isn’t safe, but on the road she meets the dark and mysterious fae lord, Dharromar. He swears to protect her, but does he have more insidious things in mind for the naïve human? His strange countenance and dark blade mark him as very different, even among the fae.

By chance, they encounter a young faerlin thief named Keinigan. On a mission of his own, he throws in his lot with Dharromar and Lylith because they all have the same objective in mind—find the Dawnstone.

The Dawnstone is a legendary gem held on the Isle of Daie. Taking it is foolhardy and futile, but the three companions plan a daring escapade to steal the magical gem.

Ruth Davis Hays has a beautifully descriptive narrative style. She truly creates pictures with her words, describing the characters and environment so that readers can easily see them in their imaginations.

The characters in The Dawnstone Tale, are beautifully crafted. Lylith is a pretty, delicate, young woman whose innocence marks her as a pure spirit. Is it any wonder that both fae men find themselves attracted to her? She has no desire other than to rescue the Dawnstone from its current owner.

Dharromar is a fae man of mixed blood whose lineage is greatly in question. Even he may not be sure what race his father is. His skill set also sets him apart, as does the dark blade at his side. Although he protects Lylith, he isn’t quite what he seems.

Keinigan is a thief. He doesn’t profess to be anything but that. While one cannot call him honest, he isn’t exactly dishonest either. His feelings for Lylith are genuine and his distrust of Dharromar is based on more than his desire to woo the redheaded magda.

The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One is one of the best fantasies I’ve ever read. I found it even more compelling and well paced with a story that keeps the reader moving. When I got to the end of the story, I wanted to read the next book immediately to find out where the tale goes from here.

The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One, is a marvelous, epic fantasy that leaves the reader begging for more. It starts out good and gets better as the story progresses. By the last ten pages, I was literally breathless. The ending is one of the greatest cliff hangers of any book I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves fantasy or who enjoys a well told tale.

© Dellani Oakes 2011

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