Character Quotes

Character Quotes from How Far is Heaven by Dellani

character-quotes-image“Does he work?”

“Yes. In fact, he just got another job. I’ll be helping him sometimes, when I can.”

“Doing what? Something demeaning, menial?”

“No, as a matter of fact, Hal is a musician. A very good one.”

Maeve knew that would sit well with her father. There was a long line of musically inclined men in his family, going back for generations. Her father had even been known to play the piano, guitar and fiddle.

“Musician? What kind of music?”

“He plays guitar that I know of. Possibly more, I don’t know since we just met recently. He has a wonderful singing voice and he teaches children to play the guitar.”

This would also score points with her father, who gave music lessons through their church.

“Really? Admirable. I want to meet him,” he said with a firm decision that Maeve knew was unshakable.

“I just met the man. Can I please get to know him and go out with him a few times, before you scare him away?”

“Scare him? I don’t scare people. I’m a pussycat. Have him meet you here. You can go to the restaurant from here.”

Maeve sighed resignedly, there was no arguing with him when he was like this. “Yes, Papa. I’ll see if he’s able to come by here.”

“If he can’t change his plans a little, he’s not a true man,” her father said with predictable conviction.

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