Merry Christmas from All of Us at Cereal Authors!

A very Merry Christmas to all our fans, followers and friends who have helped to make Cereal Authors a success! I also want to extend a big thank you to our members.

Rachel Rueben

Rachel Rueben, author of YA novel Hag, posts the second of every month. She shares scenes from her books, writing tips and author information. Also, check out her web site Writing by the Seat of my Pants  Rachel also is my co-host on both Red River Radio shows, as well as Karen Vaughan’s show.

dellani photo dark red

Dellani Oakes, author of the Lone Wolf Series, The Ninja Tattoo, So Much It Hurts, One Night in Daytona Beach, Undiscovered, Under the Western Sky, and many more, came up with the idea for Cereal Authors. (Rachel Rueben made it fly – thank you, Rachel!) Dellani hosts Dellani’s Tea Time and What’s Write for Me second Monday and fourth Wednesday of every month on Red River Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. Dellani shares daily quotes from her books, as well as a monthly post on the twelfth of each month. Find out More About Dellani


JD Holiday is the author and illustrator of Janoose the Goose, Janoose the Goose and the Fall Feather Fair, The Spy Game, The Great Snowball Escapade and Stories and Imaginings for the Reading Spot. JD shares pictures and snippets from her wonderful children’s stories the seventeenth of every month here at Cereal Authors. Find out more about JD at JD Writer’s Blog 


Amanda Thrasher is the author of The Mushroom Patch Series, award winning The Greenlee Project, Bitter Betrayal, The Ghost of Whispering Willow, There’s a Gator Under My Bed and Sadie’s Fairy Tea Party. She is also the CEO and Publisher of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. Amanda shares thought provoking articles and excerpts from her books on the eighteenth of every month. To check out Progressive Rising Phoenix Press.

karen resting sarcastic bitch face

Karen Vaughan is the author of Left for Dead, Dead Men Don’t Swing, Dead on Arrival, Dead Comic Standing, Holmes in America, Daytona Dead, Over Her Dead Body and Jamaica Dead (I think I got them all). She is also a host on the Red River Radio Network, and chats with other authors on the second Tuesday each month. Karen shares excerpts from her stories, articles and interesting posts on the twenty-first of each month. You can find out more about her at Karen Writes Murder

stephanie osbron photo

Stephanie Osborn is a bona fide rocket scientist. She is the author of the Division One Series, The Displaced Detective Series, and so many other books, I’d be listing them for the next hour. Check her out at Amazon, she’s got a bunch! Stephanie shares excerpts from her books and articles on Cereal Author the twenty-third of every month. You can find out more about her at Comet Tales


Ruth Davis Hays is the author of The Dawnstone Tale, The Excursion and The Convergence. She also co-authored a lovely children’s book, When asked, ‘What makes our world go ’round?’ or A Mother’s Practical Wisdom, with Kate Elizabeth Davis. Ruth shares excerpts from her books, illustrations from them, as well as enticing bits from her current work in progress. She has also been sharing wonderful short stories, delving into the backgrounds of some of our favorite Jorthus characters. Look for Ruth the twenty-fifth of each month. Also, check out her website. 

Cereal Authors logo

From all of us here at Cereal Authors, we wish you a Merry Christmas! May you and yours have a lovely day together. If you need some last minute gifts, remember that e-books make wonderful presents for the readers you love. Put a virtual gift in a stocking.


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