Celebrate with Us! More About Karen Vaughan

We’re about to celebrate a milestone here at Cereal Authors. Our fifth year anniversary is coming up! If we were married, the traditional gift was wood…. Since it’s not a wedding anniversary, but one of friendship and hard work, we’re giving our readers a present instead – more about us! For the next week, we will feature one of our authors a little more in depth. If, however, you’d like to give us a gift, follow the buy link below and buy a book—or two—or more….

karen resting sarcastic bitch face

First up, my Canadian buddy, Karen Vaughan!

Karen’s – Bio:

I am a proud Canadian living in Ontario. I wear a few different hats: mom, grandma wife author, comedian, radio host and promoter of independent authors. I have a sarcastic bent which comes out in my writing and my comedy act. I have been the host of writers round table for 3 years and I love talking to new authors each month. I started writing 12 yrs ago and first got published in 2008 with Dead on Arrival. These books came after: Dead Comic Standing in 2010, Over Her Dead Body 2011, Daytona Dead 2013, Dead Men Don’t Swing 2015, and re-issued 2017. Jamaica Dead 2015, Left for Dead 2016, Holmes in America 2016

Karen’s Interview:

Have you ever, over the years, lost your self in a certain piece (novel) to such a degree your family, friends, and even YOU, didn’t recognize yourself, and if so was it worth it?

I felt different while writing Holmes In America. It had stronger language than my series and it was edgier as well. It was worth it.

Describe your Muse and the working relationship you share.

It’s a dictatorship! She tells what to write and I dictate it. She’s a real piece of work!

How long does it take you to write a book?

Usually 6 months now.

What is the longest it has taken you to write a book?

It took 2 years to write Daytona Dead.

If you had to start your writing career over would you do anything differently?

Edit better.

What are your publishing goals? Meaning: Would you like to become a bestseller or just make a comfortable living at it?

Being a bestselling author would be a major coup but just making a decent living is more realistic.

What does your favorite book say to you? What do you feel it might say to someone else? (could be either your own work or that of someone else)

I loved the Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough. I love sweeping family sagas and reading about the struggles of one family on a sheep station in Australia spanning from the 1920’s to the 60s . I hope others would see the same thing as i did.

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To Find Out More About Karen


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