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Character Quotes from Shakazhan by Dellani

Shakazhan frontWil focused his eye on the beast, searching for the most vulnerable target. Motioning the others back, Wil took a few steps forward. The cat lowered its head, eyeing him with both anger and hunger. Wil’s feral grin spread slowly as he faced down his foe. His lip twitched in a snarl of his own.

“That’s right, you big pussy. Come and get me,” Wil growled as he crouched.

The cat snarled, glaring at the puny human crouching in front of it like wounded prey. Shaking its head, it roared the challenge, revealing a second set of teeth.

“You must have a hell of a dentist bill,” Wil quipped. “Come get me, bad boy. Your mother’s a carpet!” He bellowed. “You’re gonna look great on my floor. Come get me, you walking trophy!”

It didn’t really matter what he said, it was the defiance in his voice that he counted on.

“Come on….” he urged quietly.

The big cat circled, making up its mind. Wil saw a flicker of decision in the large, amber eyes.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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