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Character Quotes from Heirs of Shakazhan by Dellni

Heirs of Shakazhan frontHeirs of Shakazhan is book 6 in the Lone Wolf Series

The stony visage of Lord Sazabo, head of the Grand Tribunal, filled the screen completely. His flint colored eyes and granite gray body were very expressive. He was angry, frustrated and worried.

“I’ve just been talking to Mai,” he began without preamble. “She tells me something strange is going on in the Dreamscape? She’s warned us all not to participate?”

Wil nodded. “Yes, it seemed prudent until we ascertain the situation.”

“Can’t you just say, It’s a good idea until we know what’s going on?” Sazabo was in one of his fractious moods.

Wil chuckled, yawning loudly. “I could….”

Sazabo’s laugh exploded from the screen. It was like rocks hitting a window. He squinted at Wil and frowned deeply. “You don’t look well, Lone Wolf.”

“Thanks, Sazabo. I needed to hear that. Makes me feel all warm and cuddly.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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