Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Beach Bum by Dellani

character-quotes-image“J. Penn Spalding.”

“What does the J stand for?” I squinted against the sun, not yet taking his hand.

He dug his toes into the sand. “By random chance, you lit on the one question I don’t want to answer.”


“Because, if I tell you, I’ll kill any chance I have with you.”

“How do you know you have a chance after smacking me with the volley ball, Mr. Spalding?”

“Cause you’re still talking to me.”

I tilted my head to the left, giving him a good, lingering once over. If he can look, I can look. “Benni Carstairs,” I replied, taking his hand.

“What’s Benni short for?”

“What’s the J stand for?”

“I’ll tell you over dinner.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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