Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Ben Drexel by Dellani

lone wolf front
Beautiful New Cover by Suzette Vaughn

It hasn’t got a proper name yet, it’s just named for the main character. Ben Drexel is a pivotal character in my Lone Wolf Series and I decided he needed a book of his own, to explain where he came from and how he came to be where he is, doing what he’s best at. This book is a prequel to the series.

VanLipsig held up his hand. “Boy, I’ve lost more people than you’ll ever know. You think you’ve made sacrifices? I could tell you about loss—sacrifice—pain…. But what’s the point? You aren’t gonna remember anyway. You won’t remember Una, your kid, or me. When we meet again, you probably won’t like me much. I venture to say you pretty much hate me right now. That’s okay. Cause your liking me doesn’t enter into the equation of I Care.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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