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Well, What’s Next?

This was a harder decision than I thought it would be. Usually, I don’t get much feedback on what story I share next on my website, but this time I did. All three stories got an even number of votes. Although I had in mind what I wanted to share, I changed my mind. Then I changed it again. Finally, I had my son’s girlfriend pull a title by random. She chose Take a Bite Outta Crime.

While I like this story, and would enjoy sharing it, I sort of don’t want to now. If we take it out of the running, that leaves Poplar Mountain – romantic suspense set in 1939 or Among the Shine Clan – Cyberpunk-esque story set in the future. As I said, even number of votes…. I like both stories, but I’m strongly considering publishing Poplar Mountain in the near future. Also, my sister wanted to read the Cyberpunk story. Therefore, Among the Shine Clan wins.

This is by no means a terrible thing, I promise. This is a great story. It actually began as two separate tales, but I decided to combine them into a longer one. I hope that you will enjoy Among the Shine Clan, staring tomorrow, April 12, 2017 here at Cereal Authors. New episodes will post every 12th of the month.



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