Character Quotes

Character Quotes from Checkmate by Dellani

checkmateMilla giggled, tossing her head. “Probably not. If you get too fresh, I’ll karate your ass.”

Dane looked almost hungrily at her, amused smile playing at his full lips. His body seemed enormous next to hers. The absurdity of her remark struck him as funny and he laughed loudly. His laugh was contagious. Even Frode chuckled in the corner.

“By damn, I could break you like a twig. But you’d do it, wouldn’t you? You’d seriously whoop my ass if I tried anything. What do you study?”

“Capoeira,” she admitted with a grin.

“No karate?”

“No, but how would it sound if I said I’d Capoeira your ass? You’d think I meant something kinky.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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