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Character Quotes from The Big Sleep by Dellani

The Big Sleep imageRoger and Siobhan have been friends since childhood, occasional lovers since their late teen years. When she decides to have a child, it’s Roger she asks. While together and trying to conceive, they realize how deeply in love they really are.

“Why so nervous? You’ve got years left for this, Shiv.”

“I know—I just don’t—” She burst into tears and wouldn’t look at him.

“Are you afraid I’ll leave you if you’re not pregnant?”

“No,” she squeaked.

Roger put his arms around her. “Siobhan Richards, look at your left hand.”

She wiped her eyes and looked.

“Do you see that ring on your finger?”

Siobhan nodded, sniffling.

“That is an obscenely expensive ring,” Roger said in a matter of fact tone. “I won’t tell you how much, because that’s tacky. I’m not talking just profane, I mean really offensive,” he paraphrased her favorite movie, Pretty Woman. “Would I, Roger Findley, a man whom you know to be frugal, spend that kind of cash on a woman I intended to love and leave?”

She twisted the ring on her finger. “No. I’m being silly.”

“No fear. I’m not going anywhere. In fact, the longer it takes you to get pregnant, the better I like it. Because it means I get to be a sex god at least three times a night.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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