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What’s Next from Dellani?

sea of destiny coverSea of Destiny is over. I hope you enjoyed my story and will check out my published books. I enjoy sharing my unpublished work with you. Now comes the hard part, what to share next. Believe me, I have plenty! Not to brag, but I’ve got 98 finished novels and 56 unfinished, so I’ve got lots to choose from.

I like to ask my readers what interests them, but this has never gone particularly well. Folks just won’t tell me what they want, so it’s up to me to decide. I could share one of my other sci-fi stories or another romantic suspense. I truly can’t choose. I guess you’ll have to wait until next month to see. On the off chance that you’d like to give your opinion, here are a few titles and blurbs for you to choose from.

among-the-shine-clan-coverAmong the Shine Clan – Sci-Fi set in a none too distant future. Fiddlestix is tasked with retrieving a group of cyber-warriors—not a job she’s looking forward to, especially when the lieutenant “calls in sick”. She has to track them into hostile territory, held by the infamous Shine Clan in the mountains of Tennessee. It’s a toss up who’ll kill her first, the cyber-warriors, or General Deacon Scott, head of the Shine Clan. (I shared this one a few years ago, but I am updating, revamping and making it an even better story.)

poplar-mountain-coverPoplar Mountain is an historical romantic suspense set in Kentucky in 1939. Dorothea Belloit (Dollie) is from Cleveland, Ohio. She and her sister, Patty work at a small, rural boarding school in a mountain community not far from Harlan, Kentucky. Patty is engaged to Willem Henry and Dollie has just starting stepping out with his brother, Lucius, when their happiness is shattered by the death of Big Earl Henry—Willem and Lucius’ father. Earl’s death isn’t an accident.

take-a-bite-outta-crimeTake a Bite Outta Crime—Drea Barr and her husband, Kirk Nunn, are the most famous caterers in the city. Someone has targeted them, spreading fish guts all over their building and breaking into their home. Have they been singled out? Or is this part of a concerted attack against the caterers in the city? With the death of their friend, Jay, it’s clear that these attacks are far from petty crimes. Someone has a serious grudge, and it’s up to Drea and Kirk to find out what’s up. (I’ve shared this one as well, but doing the same updating as I am with the other.)

These are the three choices for my next serialized novel. Please leave a comment and let me know which you’d like to read. Also, if you’d like to see one of my serialized stories in print, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks! Dellani

© Dellani Oakes

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