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Character Scene from Solaris by Dellani

lone wolf first four coversSolaris is another prequel to the Lone Wolf Series. After Saltulle, Matilda’s family was sent to the planet, Solaris – a dangerous and deadly environment. Being a full Guild member, she was sent to another planet. Knowing Solaris is dangerous, Captain Richard Delf is trying to convince the Mining Guild Board to evacuate the miners and their families, before disaster strikes.

The light on his desk comlink flashed alerting him to an incoming message. With a sigh, he took the call. The elegant face of an exotic, dark haired, statuesque woman filled the Tri-D projection.

Inclining his head politely, he spoke in a very reserved tone. “Chairman Spenser. You honor me, ma’am.”

“Richard, how long have we known one another?”

“Close to fifteen years, ma’am.”

“Then cut the crap, Rich. I don’t have time for games. What’s going on? Why have I got formal complaints on my desk and the Board breathing down my neck?”

He sighed, rubbing his nose with his thumb and forefinger. “This mission is FUBAR from one end to the other, Emme. Ed Dulac is convinced the surveys are inaccurate at best.”

“And at worst?”

Her blue eyes were nearly the color of the polar icecaps on Solaris, pale and chilly. They flashed with diamond hard lights, making the hair on his neck rise.

“At worst?” He paused, wondering the best way to phrase it. “You want the blunt truth or a cleverly worded evasion?”

That earned him half a steel edged smile. “Truth, blunt or sharp. You know that, Rich.”

“Emme, based on Ed’s suspicions, his reports and my own gut, we could stand to lose eighty percent of the families and at least thirty percent of the miners, depending on when the disaster hit.”

When, not If?”

“Emmelia, Solaris is a gargantuan disaster waiting to happen.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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