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Character Scene from The Great Mandrake by Dellani

character-quotes-imageThe Great Mandrake is set in Florida and is about Drake Mann, one of Teague McMurtry’s many cousins. Drake’s in some trouble, so Teague calls in the Redneck Irregulars, friends and family with police and military background, to help.

I think we found her,” Teague said. “I’m gonna go in and have a look.”

I’ll go with you,” one of the police officers said.

When you can move as quietly as me, kid, I’ll take you. Otherwise, you stay here.”

The man, who was probably of an age with Teague, looked offended. “I’m not loud.”

Teague didn’t stop to explain. He slid through the door. Drake wanted to follow him, but Neil wouldn’t allow it.

Let him look. No one does recon like Teague.”

Why’s he so special?” the officer asked. “Is he f**king Rambo?”

Drake and Neil exchanged a look, trying not to laugh.

Yeah,” Neil said. “He is f**king Rambo.”

No one got the joke but them.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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