Most authors must have certain conditions in place in order to get their “WRITE” on. I know a few of these people.


this is a subjective area as some love to listen to music to inspire them to write. Some like  rock, jazz or heavy metal. One author says the genre of music depends deeply on the  story shes writing.  Another writer stated that he picks out a soundtrack for each book as he writes.  Personally, I go for 70’s classic rock or 60’s and usually just listen to the radio as I type.

Others watch old movies or have television as a backdrop for their creativity.

Food and Drink

I am the one who snacks while I write.  I also need a beverage it’s usually coffee or cola. One person only drinks tea and another just has water for health reasons.


Depending where you live. A Florida writer says she wears shorts and a t-shirt in the summer and long pants (pajamas usually) and a sweater in winter. I love yoga pants or leggings whatever is loose and comfortable works for me.  No one I spoke with wrote naked but if they did it wouldn’t surprise me.

Plotters, Plantsers and Pantsers oh my!

I have covered this before but it bears repeating. Some people are slaves to an outline. Plotting over character names and chapter by chapter  events.  Plantsers do a rough out line of the plot , character names and location of the story and then they wing it My Pal and co-writer Viv does this and it works for her. After that is done she wings it.  Me? I wing it. sometimes if I am writing with Viv  I adopt the plantser  habit other wise I either write in a note book and dictate later or just write in word.  

What writing quirks or habits do you have? Please comment.




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