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Book Report: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates


Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates:

The Forgotten War That Changed American History
 by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger.

I love American history: the good, the bad and the total ugly! Now I have found kids are not taught most of it. When my daughter was in high school she never learn, amount many historical facts, who Alexander Hamilton was and the great part he played in starting this nation, ty United States of America. She is now forty so I fear this lack of teaching American history, the Good, the BAD and the truth of both, have not be taught to a few generations.

Barbary States of North African practiced piracy for money. U.S. merchant ships were being boarded and raided by these pirates for personal gain. The young nation was near impoverish do to debts incurred from their war of independence for Great Britain. And up to this point, before the war of Independences, the United States had been under the British flag and British paid the bribes to the Tripoli/Barbary countries.

This history account shows how appeasement does not work. Some enemies only understand strength. This book is a timely account about USA history and how strength is needed to face enemies who hate our freedom and would take it from us. This fact-based history book gives a great overview of a war most Americans don’t remember or have not been taught at all.  ~JD

2 thoughts on “Book Report: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates”

  1. It is true the human, living parts of history have been neglected in U.S. public schools for DECADES. ( I graduated high school in 1984.) Most textbooks just contain cold facts and dates to be memorized for tests. I did, however learn of the Barbary Corsairs and the incident which lead to the inception of the U.S. Marine Corps when I was in school, but not from a textbook or teacher. Instead, it was the subject of a research paper I had to do for history class. I also learned more about incidents such as the Teapot Dome Scandal through assigned research projects.

    Truly, although I loathe the idea of homework because it primes children to accept off-the-clock work from employers in the future without argument, getting kids to research and READ something about history other than a textbook lets them realize that the people they’ve been taught about were very human, and the scandals and intrigue were just as interesting and exciting as those we have in modern times. It shows them history is REAL.


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