“I had to call Gibbons about something to do with Bo’s case. I asked if you were around and told him I wanted to ask you about grief counseling. What I didn’t tell him, was that I wanted to invite you over for dinner as you treated last time.  Are you interested? I don’t think therapy of any kind can hurt me. Don’t be offended but I want someone besides you.”


“I’m not but I am curious.”


“It’s more important that you be my friend not my counselor.”


“I totally agree.  If you want a recommendation, Marla Davis is good.”


“I’ll keep her in mind but I am not sure you can be objective where I am concerned.”


“I can be very objective but in your case, I don’t want to be.”


“How about we discuss this glaring lack of objectivity over dinner, I have lasagne in the oven.  I really wanted to thank you for Wednesday it really helped to have someone to vent to.”


“Lasagne and wine will go a long way to show your appreciation.”


“I think we can arrange that.” I was standing right in front of him. Our lips brushed together and the kiss deepened to the point that we were both hot and breathless.


Maybe I should demonstrate my lack of objectivity now before dinner.”


“Yes, maybe you should.”



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