Cereal Authors, Dellani Oakes

Character Qutoes from Indian Summer by Dellani

Indian Summer“He’ll be here soon. I should await him below.”

“Nonsense,” Ana chided her. “If there was one thing I’ve learned from your stepmother, a lady makes the gentleman wait at least five minutes before she exits her boudoir. Then she makes her grand entrance with all eyes upon her. So here you shall stay, my lady, until he’s seated with a glass of sherry at his elbow. Then I’ll fetch you.” She turned to me in a businesslike fashion. “Miss Bella, go fix your hair and neaten your dress. You look a sight. You can’t greet your future brother-in-law like that!”

I must have looked as astonished as I felt. “I’m to receive him? I don’t know what to say! Where is Maria?”

Ana pulled a serious face, but the laughter was in her eyes. “Your sister indulged a tad too much at the party last night. She’s feeling, under the weather. She suffers from a sick head and shall be indisposed.” She struck a dramatic pose, hand to her forehead, and tried not to giggle, but it escaped her in any case.

“So neaten up, I believe I hear the carriage pulling up at the door, you’ve perhaps two minutes to prepare. Go!”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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