Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani

The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes - 500“Aye, so it is, lassie. So, about dinner?”

“Talk about persistent! Okay, what about dinner?”

“Where, when?” Please let it be soon, he added as a silent prayer.

“You tell me.”

“I don’t know your schedule.”

“I work from home. I’m very flexible.”

That statement could have been taken a variety of ways. Teague didn’t let his mind dwell on the subtler, more risque meanings, though his heart jumped when she said that.

“Alright. Would it be presumptuous of me to invite you out for tonight? That’s assuming that a beautiful, vivacious, resilient woman like you hasn’t already got plans.”

“Beautiful, vivacious and resilient? Baby, you aren’t being presumptuous, but you are pulling out all the vocab stops. If I had plans, I’d reschedule because no other man I know can string those words together with any intelligence.”

“Damn, I’m good.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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