Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from Lone Wolf Tales – A Little White Lie by Dellani

white lie coverLone Wolf Tales is a collection of short stories which is a companion to my Lone Wolf Series. It explores several characters in depth, particularly Wil VanLipsig, the Lone Wolf. Available today from Amazon!

She barely had time to secure herself before the ship opened a maze interstice. She felt the inexorable pull that felt like was turning inside out. A few minutes of disorientation passed slowly, then with a lurch, she felt the ship ease into ubiquitous space.

“I always wondered what that would feel like during sex,” Wil remarked She must have looked appalled, but he laughed. “I dunno, guess I’m weird, I find it erotic.”

“To have your navel twisted over your head?”

He chuckled and shrugged one shoulder. “It affects me a bit further down.” He touched her cheek tenderly, pushing a wisp of hair from her cheek. “Come on, I’ll buy you dinner.”

She managed a weak smile, leaning against his shoulder. “This is a military ship, Colonel. The meals are free.”

“Well, I always said I was a cheap date.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes


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