Character Quotes, Dellani Oakes

Character Quotes from One Night in Daytona Beach by Dellani

One_Night_in_Daytona_Beach_by_Dellani_Oakes - 200“You’re not taking this seriously.”

“I’m taking this very seriously. In fact, I’m so scared, I’m ready to shit my pants. But Cara’s death wasn’t my fault. I found her, did you know that? I came to see her, because she was so sad. I’d been out of town, doing the talk show circuit. As soon as the plane touched down, I went to see her. I brought her chocolates and her favorite flowers.”


“Pink ones, because white ones are like death,” Draven quoted Cara. “She was lying on the floor and I thought she’d passed out, but she was cold.” He advanced on Amanda. “She was stone cold, dead for hours when I got there. Where were you? Sitting here in your sheet metal tower, surrounded by the scum of the earth? Maybe you were selling drugs to a little kid, or sending guns to Zimbabwe.”

“I’ve never sent guns to Zimbabwe.”

“It’s a metaphor,” he yelled.

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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