Character quotes from DEAD TO WRITES


I just had to ask.  “Myrna, are you Wiccan?”


She just looked at the table and nodded.


There’s nothing to be ashamed of Myrna.  A lot of people practice that but I’m just not really sure what it involves.”


“Well what I was doing there, not too many people practice.  I was having a conjugal visit with Roger.  I might be 75, but I still get my urges every now and then.  He might be dead, but I’m not.  The sceptre I was holding was a representation of his phallic symbol and I was… well, you get the picture.”

“Let me get this straight.  You were having sex with the ghost?”

Myrna smiled at the memory.  “A very spirited one at that!”

I had heard a lot of things about older people getting in on in nursing homes, but that was with other people, not spirits.  “Well pardon me for interrupting.  I hate when that happens to me and Gerry!”



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