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Character Quotes — The Excursion


“I should just become a hermit.” He sulked aloud. This line of self-pity never ceased to catch Lylith’s attention, though he doubted that it would ever end with her wrapped in his arms. “What maiden would want me?” He gestured towards the semi-hidden lovers that they passed. “This scarred face would repulse even a faery harlot. And this limp… I’m a broken man, Lylith. Ruined.”

“They are rugged. They add character.” She smiled. “Did any of the ladies on Daie complain?”

“They thought I was odd enough with the Sight; I was a curiosity to them. No one took me seriously as a lover.”

“I’m sure, when the right girl comes along… besides, the limp is hardly noticeable.”

He interrupted her, his rant no longer about gaining her attentions. “You don’t understand. No fae would consider coupling with me! These scars simply mark me as defective. Unable to defend myself, weak. And, all that the decent elven women are focused on is inward perfection; which leaves me at a disadvantage as well, as I’m in no mood to change myself to suit someone else’s ideals. So, who would want me? You

That last remark came out bitterly and he quietly apologized, though Lylith felt no slight by it.

“But, it’s not because of your looks or your character. I just treasure you more as a friend and would hate to lose that. And, I told you already that I’m not looking to get into any kind of relationship.”

“Oh, really?” He remained unconvinced. Nudging her arm, he asked. “What about that Trevalin fellow? He has been quite attentive and I haven’t seen you
pushing him away.”

“That’s different. He is not… I’m not…” She felt a heated blush. “Nothing will come of it. He’s taken a vow of celibacy.”

“A vow isn’t a strong enough restraint for any man, where a beautiful woman is concerned,” Keinigan warned with a knowing air. “He’s definitely

— THE EXCURSION, Book 3 in the Translations from Jorthus fantasy series by Ruth Davis Hays



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