Character Quotes from Jamaica Dead


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An earnest conversation shows a new side to Gaylord

I looked up what exactly the Obeah of Eshu is and I was horrified that I had demanded that you cast that horrible spell. No wonder you didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Especially for Donovan who hadn’t committed a ghastly act.“

“So I am not gonna be chum for the whales?”

“Don’t look so disappointed.”

“What’s your boss going to do if he finds out you didn’t do the job?

I’m gonna make him think I did.  Then you and I are going to hop a plane with new identification and go to Arizona. At the right time just before we leave I am going to anchor the boat in a deserted cove and blow her to smithereens and he will think I died too.”

“Brilliant idea. Why Arizona?”

“I am going for plastic surgery to correct the ugly mug.”

“Oh good it was starting to give me nightmares.”


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