From Chapter 13

Somewhere just outside Mo bay Gaylord was trying to contact his superior, one Cylus Benjamin.  After a few rings the big man himself answered.

“What have you got for me Gaylord?”

“I have Mama Mary in place to invoke the Eshu if and when needed.”

Good are Eddy and Mitchell good to go?”

“Ya mon time soon come to get the rubber on the road and smack dis baby out of de ballpark.”

“Gaylord, please can the sports metaphors and speak common English. I am not paying you to be cute. Now about Mr. Mitchell…”

“What about him sir?”

“Well I have had an epiphany of sorts, a light bulb moment if you will.”

“Exactly what kind of epiphany are we talking about here?”

“The deadly variety. No matter what goes on today at that airstrip Mr. Mitchell is a dead man.

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