Dead to writes:Character Quotes–Karen Vaughan

dtw cover 2

So were you planning to frame me?”  Sylvie inquired.

“Fran expects me to, but she’s giving me 48 hours to put the plan in place.”

“Or else…?”  Sylvie waited for Cassie’s answer.

“If I don’t do what she asks, she’s going to report what she knows to you.  I told her she’d never get away with it as you would not believe her.  It gives me time to hedge and work out a plan, so that we can frame her.  You said you spoke to the detective helping Gibbons out?  Maybe we can talk to her again, report what we know and they can take it from there.  If they want our help.  I’m up for a good sting operation what about you?”

Sylvie and Cassie


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