Left for dead has a trailer

Thanks to my friend Gerald Darnell!


 Left for dead

Gerry’s cousin is up to his eyeballs in gambling debt

He runs afoul with the loan shark and the so-called friend who set him up to lose

They pay him a visit to either get money out of him or teach him a painful lesson in debt repayment and loyalty

Gerry finds him barely clinging to life

his apartment is trashed to make it look like a home invasion

Pete miraculously survives the beating

But he must be protected from the thugs who discover he is still alive

Pete and his ex reconcile as they hide at her cottage

Meanwhile a very pregnant Laura is on hike at the Eagles nest with her friend

They encounter someone who has found a dead man at the base of the cliff.

Laura helps the local police solve the crime and discover who the dead guy is.

Murder on the home front – tenant and resident pest Stella Stadylmeyer kills her ex in a fit of rage

Or was it premeditated all evidence points to the latter



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