Character Quotes, Ruth Davis Hays

Character Quotes — The Excursion

From Book Three, THE EXCURSION by Ruth Davis Hays




Magda Lady Pinne was pacing as she awaited her invited guest. The little gnome looked to Paraneo, her eyes sparkling with interest. “What have you heard while I was cooped up with the vacillating magdas? I swear it takes longer each year to come to an agreement over something! The most intellectual of groups can still be blinded by their own bureaucracy. I’m beginning to see why the dissenters formed the Journeyman’s Council all those years ago. If you want something done at ALL, you have to do it yourself!”


All royalties from online sales of THE DAWNSTONE TALE will go to benefit The Butterfly Fund.

“The Butterfly Fund was started because of the need to get involved & to make a difference in the lives of people who truly need it.  It originated because of the need for awareness and help of those who suffer from the disease Epidermolysis Bullosa – 
also known as EB. When we met these children and heard their stories, our hearts were never the same.”  -Laurie Sterner, Founder


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