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The Convergence Character Quotes

conv cover for blogs“Will the Council be able to protect us?” the man asked, echoing her troubled thoughts.

“We will do our best, dear friend.” She sighed with a forced smile. She did not agree with the council’s policy of keeping people ignorant of the changes and upholding the faith that the magdas could heal all wrongs. Yet, her hope lay on the fact that the majiks were very responsive to the attitudes of all those that lived on Jorthus. “But, please be of a level head and calm heart. Don’t let the anxiety overtake you. That is the best way to help us help you. If you are at peace, then your land will be at peace.”

“Thanks be to ye, Magda Pinne.”

“I’m glad it’s you that came to our shrine this year, Magda Pinne.” The little boy exclaimed as she moved passed their homestead. “My sister baked some cookies for you!”

With a wave behind her, she nodded in acknowledgment. “Thanks be, little one! I will be in need of those cookies before this whole event is finished.”


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