Character Quotes, Karen Vaughan

Holmes in America-Not published yet

Chris Eversley:

“Nigel, she hated me in the beginning as well. I was full of too much swagger and testosterone for a young whelp fresh out of police college.   I remember the first day on the job. There was a school on lockdown just after 9/11 and I wanted to go in half-cocked and rescue everyone, act the hero and all that. She practically had to sit on me, to keep me from getting everyone killed.  I wanted to kill her, but she didn’t rat me out. Saved my ass and everyone else’s that day and my job.”


“What did she do?”

“Took me out for a beer. Ripped a strip off both sides of me. Used blue language and a few French Canadian slurs against Church and State and ripped me a new asshole in the process. She worked me over like a freaking boss.”



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