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Excerpt: Chapter 22 Holmes in America

Eversley and Nigel are having lunch. He tells Nigel how he caught his fiancee cheating on him.pizap.com14600798993791

“So about the fiancée?” I prompted Chris.


“Yes the beautiful she-devil Jenna. Where do I begin?”


“Naturally the beginning….”


“Smartass –okay here goes. We were high-school sweethearts and destined to marry after I graduated from the police college.  After I became a real cop, she changed. I had a lot of graveyard shifts and spent a lot of time studying for my sergeant’s exam. I was ambitious and wanted to be a one-man crime fighting force. One night I was involved in a raid on a gang hideout and there was my bride to be doing the horizontal cha-cha with a known banger.”


“The bitch!”


“Exactly!! … took one look at me as the lead detective, yanked lover boy off her while his pants were around his ankles and said, ‘Hello Christopher’ with cold dead eyes. I went home after that shift, threw up my breakfast packed up my shit and went back to mom and dad’s. That was it.

She didn’t even have the decency to return the engagement ring.

In fact, she pawned it… the final F**K you!”


“Seen a lot of women do some bad shit to guys, but that me mate takes the cake!”


“That’s the last I saw of my heart.”


“But is Kristen not awakening those heartstrings again.”


Chris smiled wistfully. “Yes, but we both have some serious baggage to unpack.  She knows what a deep-freeze I have been in for all these years. Now that’s not to say I haven’t seen action with the fairer sex but no serious liaisons since Jenna worked me over. However, no matter how much I want to delve headlong into a romance with Kristen right now my main focus will be keeping her safe until we can nail that asshat Langley for good.”



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