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Character Quotes from THE CONVERGENCE


conv cover for blogs  “…Please, do not think that we would have left you to die of your wounds. It was solely because Father Wilam was concerned over your spiritual strength to survive the healing. But, we have healed you so much so you’d be able to speak with an Inquisitor, truly.” Brother Josen spoke low and with earnest.

Dharromar had to bite the inside of his cheek so hard that he tasted the bitter tang of blood in his resistance to bellowing his swift bile at this young man. Slowly gaining dominion over his lips with the difficulty of wrestling open a reaverbear trap, the changeling hid his bitterness and asked, “Why would this concern him?”

“Because of your unconfessed sins,” Josen explained helpfully.

“What know you of my sins?” A dark veil was pulled down, dividing the two men as the raven-haired fae hissed out the words which crawled up from a vast void within him.

“Only that you have them. They are yours to confess. Do you wish to release them? I can get the Inquisitor here.” Josen was excited to assist this wondrous fae in any capacity.

“You know not what you ask,” came the barely audible response. He was their prisoner. Even though they had just recently laid eyes upon him, they had marked him as something repugnant, something to hate and turn away until his darkness could be dispelled.


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