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The Convergence — Character Quotes


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“Do you ever feel like you really don’t belong someplace?” Hamlin asked earnestly. Daria stared at him worriedly. He went on, “I’ve been feeling this way for a while, Dar, and I don’t think it’s going away this time. I feel stuck, trapped.”

Though she did not say a word, he responded to the hurt in her small, dark eyes. “I know I can’t leave. I know my grandparents depend on me to help with the farm, and I wouldn’t want to leave you or Rolen. You two are my best friends… yet, it’s just… I can’t help but feel… that I don’t fit in here.”

“Does this go back to overhearing that you were a foundling?” she asked with care in her voice.

This revelation he had shared with her and no one else. It was caught in a whispered conversation between the old Tornay couple, only weeks ago, concerning the night they had been given an infant. It conjured a rage of conflicts within him.

Hamlin shrugged, though his light eyes answered more truthfully.

Looking down into her mug, the hard-worn farm girl sighed deeply before turning back to her restless companion. “Hamlin, you know that I care about you and don’t want to stand in your way, but just because someone gave birth to you doesn’t make them more important to your life than the people that dedicated their lives to raising you. You don’t have to go wandering off to find a family. You have one.”

“Damn it all, Daria,” he whispered in frustration. “Don’t you think I know that? But, I just don’t want to live my life as a farmer. Some people find a certain fulfillment in working the earth with their hands, but I don’t! I want something else.”


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