Character quotes or excerpts from Holmes In America



Nigel Holmes knew he was in deep. He had broken every rule on the case. He was supposed to maintain a professional detachment and not get involved with the witness in any way. That was his first mistake. He had taken one look at Nikki Harrison and he was a goner. His grey matter turned to mush and from then on his boys were doing the thinking.  They shagged at every opportunity and he decided he was in love. After the case was solved, he and Nik were planning to run off to elope at Gretna Green just over the Scottish border.

That never happened. Two days ago, Nikki was found dead in her flat. Bludgeoned by a hammer and lying in her own blood. It was his fault. When he should have been protecting her from a vicious killer, he was banging her senseless.  He did his best…

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